Love, War, and Glory by Denis Olasehinde Akinmolasire

by Denis Olasehinde Akinmolasire
Genres: Essays, Inspirational, Poetry, Short Stories
Format: Hardcover, Kindle, Paperback

Alt="love, war, and glory"Love, War, and Glory: Spoken Words for All Seasons by Denis Olasehinde Akinmolasire


Love, War, and Glory 3 things that we all have seen, experienced or been a part of. As with life, in general, all 3 of these concepts have their ups and downs. This book explores those themes via poetry and spoken words and examines what these themes mean for everyday life. Explore what it means to go beneath the surface and find out what you are truly capable of and how to rationalize life events, both good and bad. This book also explores how to keep your perspective when you achieve your life ambitions and aims. From dealing with heartbreak and finding your true love, to tales of warriors fighting never-ending battles, making dreams become a reality, overcoming the odds to finally reach your goal, to tales of supreme champions and reviews of global figures of interest and understanding the changes and the journey we all go through in life you will find it in this book. We believe there is something in here that everyone can relate to.


Love, War, and Glory: Spoken Words for All Seasons by Denis Olasehinde Akinmolasire is edifying, encouraging and very inspiring.

Through the use of poetry, essays and a considerable amount of reflection, the author brings readers a unique collection of ideas and concepts to ponder on. As he explores the three themes of love, war and glory, he passionately relates his personal perceptions, feelings and many experiences on love and life. It is a deep and meaningful read, with much to take in and consider.

Love, War, and Glory is a brilliant, abundant collection of introspection about feelings, people and the world. The poems, stories and observations are numerous and encompass everything from love in all its aspects, to war and fear within ourselves, to reflection on glory, through all the good and bad times we experience in life

Author, Denis Olasehinde Akinmolasire pulls readers in and causes emotions to run high. The poetry, essays and short stories are written in a lyrical tone along with an honest, matter of fact voice. It is a touching, inspiring read, in which I will be picking up often to glean from the profound nuggets within its pages. Filled with soft, thoughtful and expressive words, Denis Olasehinde Akinmolasire requests that readers stop and think about the words he has expressed, and encourages us to live a richer life.

Love, War, and Glory examines the themes through beautiful poetry and written words. By pondering these subjects and applying oneself, we can learn to go deeper to reach our goals, be empowered and live in peace. I found his book to be very powerful and life changing. The writing is fabulous and kept me engaged from the very first chapter all the way to the last page. I didn’t want it to end, and found myself turning the pages quickly while feeling inspired, motivated and enlightened. Love, War, and Glory is a book that many will connect with. I am certain that it will touch and help everyone. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends it.

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