Echoes of Reality: The Hidden War by Kevin Fitzpatrick

by Kevin Fitzpatrick
Genres: Science Fiction
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="Echoes of Reality"Echoes of Reality: The Hidden War by Kevin Fitzpatrick


Lucius Antonius, an ancient Roman legionnaire, finds himself drawn into a struggle between mystical roses, each possessing powers that he only comprehends as magical. He is unaware that each rose, a physical construct for an alien artificial intelligence, has a singular purpose on Earth. Unknowingly, he finds himself involved in a subversive interstellar conflict that predates the rise of civilization.

Gifted or cursed with immortality, Lucius wanders the Earth as the millennia long war unfolds, searching for those who will ally with him before the final conflict. A French priest, a Viking shield maiden and an Irish immigrant make an unlikely team as they confront the secretive Obsidian House.

Echoes of Reality is filled with quantum-based powers that mimic magic, ancient sword fights and modern clandestine assault teams, secretive orders and an insidious evil that takes shape through history. Soon, Lucius and the team find themselves beset by a new adversary who has allied with Obsidian House and their worst fears are realized.


Running through an old mine shaft, ready to completely collapse, Lucius shakes away his thoughts of picking up the black rose once again. He decided that it wouldn’t be a smart decision at all, as memories flood his mind of the occurrences he had once experienced. Fleeing on foot, a very dangerous situation, but nonetheless important and a fit decision for himself, Lucius escapes the mine right before it collapses into a pile of dust with the black rose buried inside. He is completely unaware of the seven small, marble-like, objects propelling themselves at the most rapid of speeds until completely submerging themselves deep into the atmosphere. Later, sprouting into seven mysterious, yet extraordinary flowers: three white, three yellow and one blue, in which Lucius is soon to discover the importance of their symbolical and powerful magnetic powers that he would soon possess.

A completely enthralling and illustrative tale, Echoes of Reality is not only vivid and imaginary, but also has an uncanny way of pulling the reader in with its curious and mystical atmosphere and absorbing characters. A riveting and gripping read, I hung onto author, Kevin Fitzpatrick’s every word throughout the book. He describes and narrates a wild and exciting story of time and space, and the magnetizing scheme of reality, in an exceptional engaging style. Echoes of Reality is extremely well written with a very descriptive plot and detailed scenarios, I felt drawn to the thoroughly developed and expressively detailed characters and their lifelike personalities.

If I was to describe Echoes of Reality: The Hidden War by Kevin Fitzpatrick, I would give it a colorful and lively depiction with a heavenly cosmic vibe. A perfect story for the celestial and intergalactic fan that is looking to escape to an uncharted world where anything could be possible. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would absolutely suggest Echoes of Reality to be placed at the top of anyone’s reading list! A perfectly enjoyable and exceptional book!

Book reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Artisan Book Reviews

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