Why You Running?? By Steven L. Pullman, Sr.

by Steven Pullman Sr
Genres: Discrimination, Nonfiction, Political Fiction
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="Why You Running??"Why You Running?? By Steven L. Pullman, Sr.


Over the years, there have been sad and tragic encounters of people with police officers in most countries, but we specifically refer to the U.S.A in this book. A recurring one is as a result of racial discrimination and profiling.


Why You Running?? by Steven Pullman is an important and riveting book about the unjust treatment and severe brutality white policemen have inflicted upon the black community, and the majority of this barbarism happening within the United States. Pullman mentions, by name, many of these violent incidents that have occurred, which one would call as acts of hate, assault and inhumane. Across the entire U.S. we are witnessing more and more severe acts of heinous and despicable scenarios between the two parties. With that being said, Steven Pullman makes some excellent points on the different organizations that civilians, citizens and important people of the community have successfully formed to support blacks and stand against all law enforcement officials that have taken part in these occurrences. The importance of establishing a strong and supportive group of activists shines in this book and makes you really think of what this world could accomplish together and the peace that it would bring if we could all look passed our physical differences and realize how we can change the future for so many generations to come.

What I thought was so stimulating and important about, Why You Running?? was the emphasis on learning new ways to help prevent and maintain this persistent problem that will always exist, but we must reduce these occurrences as much as we can. And that starts within the home and how we raise and teach our children. With a wide variety of references and ideas full of inventiveness, Author, Steven Pullman brings some excellent concepts to the table that if put into action would most definitely make a significant impression on this troublesome and ongoing dilemma this country has endured.

I think Why You Running??is a necessary and critical book that is relevant to anyone and everyone in the community no matter what the ethnic group. Steven Pullman shines an earnest light on a pressing topic that is so vital for all human existence to cease. A very fundamental read with great elements of perspective, and an outlook that needs to be seen and heard by all. Very educational and knowledgeable, Why You Running?? deserves much recognition and I enjoyed reading this astounding book.

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