Cycles Of Hatred: Will He? by Linda Heavner Gerald – Book Review

by Linda Heavner Gerald
Genres: Contemporary, Inspirational, Women's Fiction
Format: Audiobook, Kindle, Paperback

Alt="cycles of hatred"Cycles Of Hatred: Will He? by Linda Heavner Gerald 


What is wrong with some men? They believe they love women while they say inappropriate things. Maybe in their mind, there are thoughts of violence or depravity. These individuals are misogynists.

Misogyny is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls. Misogyny is manifest in numerous ways, including social exclusion, sex discrimination, hostility, androcentrism, and patriarchy…Wikipedia

Laura’s twin brother was one. The family knew for years that he harbored mean feelings toward his sister. Lars’ father had talks with him as he begged that he change his ways, but the boy couldn’t do it. Eventually, he was sent away to Phillips Academy. Keeping the twins apart helped but when they were together, the same behavior surfaced. What was the answer?

Laura loved Lars deeply even though he treated her with disrespect. Eventually, his actions demonstrated the most depraved and extreme misogyny on record. How could a twin brother hate his sister this much?


Cycles of Hatred: Will He? By Linda Heavner Gerald is a compelling, engaging and awe-inspiring, mild drama, in which readers will fully enjoy – unable to put down. The plot is based on the premise of the male misogynist and the terrible impact they have on the women they hate.

The story follows the lives of two twins, Laura and Lars. However, it is told from the view point of Laura, whom Lars has always mistreated, undermined and loathed. Laura was always fearful of Lars, what he might say or do to her, in order to crush her spirit and loving, trusting heart. When Laura and Lars’ wealthy parents die in a tragic accident, the ten year old twins are separated and sent to live apart from one another. Laura goes to live with her, loving and sophisticated, Aunt Sophia in Italy, while Lars is sent to a boarding school. But even though they were separated, Laura’s memories of Lars’ treatment of, and hatred for, her never left her heart, nor her mind. Through the grace and love of God, and her dependence on Him, Laura was able to forgive her brother, and continue to always love him.

Linda Heavner Gerald’s unique writing style is what caught my attention from the very first chapter and held me captive throughout the entire story. She has a way with words, and of describing her characters and their surroundings that made me feel present in the story, while feeding my imagination with beautiful visual and sensory delight.

Cycles of Hatred: Will He? is filled with every kind of raw human emotion that one can feel. Laura is a remarkable, wonderful young woman, and character. She really encourages the reader to pause and consider life’s lessons, and just how each one of us should react and live after enduring such hardship and devastation. While Laura was mistreated by her twin brother, in which she could not understand why, she never gave up. She was determined not to let her inner pain dictate and determine her life. She was the exact opposite of her brother, and treated others with kindness, love, forgiveness and respect. She relied on herself and her faith in God to give her hope, trust others and guide her way.

Cycles of Hatred: Will He? touched my heart in inexpressible ways. Linda Heavner Gerald is an award winning author, and exemplary storyteller. Throughout her book, she gives the reader whispers of suggestions to ponder on, which will keep them turning the pages completely hooked. Her characters are so completely relatable, well thought out and fully developed, each with familiar strengths and flaws. Cycles of Hatred: Will He? is perfectly believable, and completely relevant to many people’s own life experiences within our societies of today. The story of Laura and Lars is one of a troublesome childhood that, inevitably, pushes on into adulthood – one in which many of us understand very well. In her extraordinary book, Linda Heavner Gerald, not only provides readers with a deep powerful plot and outstanding characters, she also, passionately ignites hope, faith and inspiration into our very own hearts. Therefore, Artisan Books confidently affirms that Cycles of Hatred: Will He? is a must read, 5 star, one-of-a-kind novel.

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  1. Wow! This book sounds remarkable. Would love to learn more about this author. I have been visiting this website for years and love all your book reviews and authors that you recommend. Bought several books from this book site’s suggestions and have never been disappointed with my reading experiences.