I Know My Rights: A Children’s Guide to the Bill of Rights and Individual Liberty – Rory Margraf

by Rory Margraf
Genres: Children's Books, Education & Reference
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="i know my rights"I Know My Rights: A Children’s Guide to the Bill of Rights and Individual Liberty by Rory Margraf (Author) Andreea Mironiuc (Illustrator)


The rights of every person, every man, woman, and child, are inalienable; though they are written as the law of the land, our rights transcend all of humanity’s laws. They are tantamount to each individual living their most fulfilled life. The rights that we possess are not uniquely American, but rather natural rights that are possessed by all people. What is uniquely American is the explicit nature with which these rights must be acknowledged at all levels of government. As such, it is the responsibility of all Americans to exercise their rights daily, which means that the Bill of Rights must be a recurring study and part of regular discussion. Learning our rights at a young age is an important step in growing to be a conscious citizen; one that will not only defend their own liberties, but those of their neighbors, friends, community, and strangers around the world. I Know My Rights: A Children’s Guide to the Bill of Rights and Individual Liberty presents the original text of the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution, coupled with an accessible and detailed explanation for each law, based in recent case law and scholarly interpretation. This book will provide a basic understanding of the Bill of Rights, as well as a foundation upon which each child can learn from and grow into active, peaceful, and prosperous individuals who seek personal fulfillment and happiness within their own lives and their communities.


I Know My Rights: A Children’s Guide to the Bill of Rights and Individual Liberty by author Rory Margraf is a fascinating educational book that will fully equip children with the knowledge and information they need to know about their individual rights, liberty and the laws, both Mans Law and the Natural Law, which is global and for all people everywhere. In his informative and enlightening book, Rory Margraf explains each of the first ten amendments in depth, combined with explanations of each of the laws in an easy and understandable method. Readers will also learn about the Bill of Rights and many more important topics to know.

Rory Margraf wrote his book in an intelligent, yet very easy to understand, manner that will certainly help children to completely comprehend what they are reading and learning. I Know My Rights will educate and inform children and adults on exactly what they need to know, if ever confronted with a situation where they need to recognize, exercise and stand up for their own personal rights or those of others.

I know My Rights is a fun and entertaining read. I am more than positive that children will enjoy and love reading this insightful, engaging book about liberty and justice for all. Rory Margraf has managed to take a difficult subject to tackle, and make it simple and enjoyable to read while being fully informed and educated. The illustrations are delightful and amazing and really add something special to this already great read. Parents will be delighted to read I Know My Rights with their children and help them to receive a strong foundation in which to build upon for their future happiness and success in life. It will always be an excellent reference and resource for children as they grow and learn more about life, community and the world.

Rory Margraf has a wealth of knowledge to share and his book, I Know My Rights, is so entertaining that I read it straight through and then shared it with my husband. It taught us both a lot about the subject, things we didn’t know, but really should have. It’s every citizen’s duty and right to know and understand the Bill of Rights. It is very important that children learn this starting at a young age. Rory Margraf writes with passion and enthusiasm, making for an exceptional, educational read.

I Know My Rights is a must read for children and adults, as well. Therefore, Artisan Book Reviews is very confident in recommending I Know My Rights by Rory Margraf to all readers, citizens and especially for children and teens. It is a remarkable, interesting and notable book. It is short and satisfying. Get your child, or yourself, a copy and learn about the Bill of Rights, your liberty and the law in an enjoyable, quick and easy way.

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  1. I am glad that someone has thought to write such an important book. I just ordered it. thank you

  2. I am getting this book for my son. It sounds perfect for him. I am a homeschooler and I am sure it will be a nice addition to our library.

  3. I am an adult and I am buying this book for myself. I don’t care that it is geared toward kids. I need something simple to understand my rights better. Kudos to the author for writing such a book. I will be recommending it to my homeschooling friends. this is my very favorite book site. I receive your emails promoting various books and have purchased many of them. Thanks

  4. I want to know my rights. I must confess that I don’t know much about this subject. I think this is a must read. Great book blog with really good reading suggestions.

  5. we all need to learn our rights and understand them. I am getting this book for my family.

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