Your Three Horses – Todd Radus – Book Review

by Todd Radus
Genres: Philosophy Nonfiction, Selp-Help
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="your three horses"Your Three Horses: Desire, Passion & Persistence, Applying a New Life’s Philosophy by Todd Radus (Author), Cat Badger (Illustrator), Larry Steinhouse (Foreword)


Success isn’t defined by anyone but you and your happiness is a state of mind, controlled by no one but you. Your Three Horses is about using your Desires, Passions, and Persistence to create happiness and find success in your life. Todd Radus takes you not only on the journey of his life through great storytelling. He also describes the keys to success and how to use them. He walks you through his trials, life failures, and successes and then uses them as tools to teach you how to change your own life as he did his. The foreword by Larry Steinhouse, Todd’s coach and mentor describes the transformation in Todd’s life when he applied his philosophies in full and how quickly he became successful. In the opening of the book “The Story of My Wife” Todd describes how when he was mentoring his wife in business and helped her career blossom he realized what he was missing in his life. He had a 25-year successful career in business management, but his attempts to realize his dreams were met with catastrophic failure. Upon realizing what he was missing, he turned his life around and rocketed to success. This book is a testament to the philosophies contained in it. Todd’s dreams of becoming an author, speaker and coach have been realized. Let him help you realize your dreams and find the success and happiness you desire.

An amazing read, I recommend it highly!” Greg S. Reid Author of Three Feet From Gold


Your Three Horses by Todd Radus is an exceptional, inspirational book that equips readers with the tools to become unequivocally successful in all aspects of their life. Todd Radus writes with transparency and honesty as he shares his failures and setbacks in life. He then tells of how he turned those negative experiences into an extraordinary and successful life story. Through his trials, a new mindset and his mentor, Todd Radus quickly and triumphantly changed his life around. He now has a passion to help others take responsibility and effective action to obtain their own success and happiness in life.

Your Three Horses, about desire, passion and persistence is a remarkable positive book for anyone with the desire and will to improve their life. I would say that it is good, or better than, the Dale Carnegie books that I have always read and loved. Todd Radus takes readers on his journey toward success, through his authentic and intelligent self-help book. The brilliant philosophies and principles that are expressed, if followed, will change one’s life. This book will help others to get the right frame of mind to become successful and permanently transform their life in all areas. It will help with personal, career, relationships, family, health and all other aspects of living.

Todd Radus uses many relatable examples, stories and points to show and educate readers on the way to lasting happiness and success. He has an exceptional gift for writing and storytelling. This book is thought provoking, inspiring and life empowering. This is a must read for all readers that need to turn their failures and setbacks around and live the life of success, joy and the peace of mind that we all dream of. This book will help all who read it to transform their life in a purposeful, meaningful and powerful way. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends Your Three Horses: Desire, Passion & Persistence, Applying New Life’s Philosophy by Todd Radus.

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  1. Kudos to Todd Radus for turning his life around and becoming a success. Thanks for writing this great book. I am buying it and going to suggest it to family and friends. This book review really sells this book. Great job. I am a regular visitor to this site and love your reviews and book recommendations.

  2. Wow! this book sounds amazing. I will definitely be getting it. I sure could use some help in my own life. Is the author a life coach or anything like that? What is his website address?

  3. I never go wrong when I visit this site. You have great posts and book reviews. Your Three Horses seems really good. The author sounds like he really got his life together. I can’t wait to read his book.

  4. It is sites like this one that we need more of. Your writing style and posts are really exceptional. This particular book is one that I need. I am going to get it asap. I hope it is as good as your review makes it sound.

  5. I appreciate that Todd Radus has written this book to help others learn the secrets of success. What is his website address?

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