Messages from God: An Illuminated Devotional by Kathleen Schwab and Therese Kay

by Kathleen Schwab, Therese Kay
Published by Vervante Genres: Devotionals, Inspirational, Spirituality
Format: Hardcover

Alt="messages from god"Messages from God: An Illuminated Devotional by Kathleen Schwab and Therese Kay


Has physical or emotional pain taken a toll on you? Has it affected your relationship with God? Do you want to be reassured of His gentle, healing, and comforting presence? What if this spiritual encouragement and refreshment were as close as a book on your coffee table?

“Messages from God: An Illuminated Devotional” is a spiritual walk through healing that journeys from daily life to a transcendent vision of heaven. In this devotional you will find comfort and peace not only in the words, but also the images and typography as they create an immersive experience of God’s presence similar to that of the medieval illuminated manuscripts.

In this devotional you will:

Feel encouraged, loved, and blessed through words and images.

Immerse your mind and spirit through a visual experience similar to medieval illuminated manuscripts

Experience insightful words of comfort and healing in the voice of Jesus.

Process the words and images with your own thoughts and prayers through weekly journal prompts.

Deepen your sense of beautiful intimacy with God and allow Him to be a salve to your wounded places.

This book is perfect as a thoughtful gift for yourself or to someone you know who is crushed in spirit. Use the “Look Inside” feature now to start your spiritual journey to find peace in the visual and poetic beauty of this coffee table book and devotional.

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Messages from God: An Illuminated Devotional written by Kathleen Schwab, with photography by Therese Kay is a rich and beautiful book that will give strength, hope and healing to many. Kathleen Schwab has opened her heart and shares her experiences with God in this captivating enriching devotional. She invites readers to deepen their relationship with God with inspiring, poetic and purposeful words, scriptures and quotes. The captivating photography and graphic designs are fascinating and peaceful. Using this devotional with its deep-calls-to-deep text, along with its God inspired and inviting pictures, one will be refreshed and filled with peace and joy. Simply put, it is deep and beautiful.

For those who have experienced physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain, this devotional will delight, heal and restore them. They will discover God, His beauty and His love, and how it applies to them. It will bring life to the weary soul and invigorate and renew the spirit. This is one of the most beautiful devotionals, in every way, that I have ever come across. I found myself feeling refreshed and filled with faith in God’s goodness and love.

Messages from God is written as if God is writing a letter to the reader with the words from Jesus. Making it a very insightful personal encounter with Him. I found it to be a rich, deep and profound experience. For a morning devotional, and spending quiet time with God, it will revitalize your day and strengthen your faith in Him. It will bring encouragement and deep healing. It is easy to read and follow along with the five main categories: Daily Life, Experiencing God, Living in a Broken World, God Transforms Us and Heading for Heaven. There are thirty individual readings, journaling prompts and scriptures to read. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends this lovely, thought-provoking and life changing devotional to all. Get yourself a copy of Messages from God: An Illuminated Devotional written by Kathleen Schwab, with photography by Therese Kay and be uplifted, inspired and transformed today.

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful anointed devotional. I will be buying it. Thanks for all you do for authors and readers.

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