Sisters In Law by Sylvia Mulholland

by Sylvia Mulholland
Genres: Contemporary, Women's Fiction
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="sister in law"Sisters In Law by Sylvia Mulholland


Three women lawyers—partners in mid-career at the same small firm—have very different takes on work versus personal life. There’s Kali, married and the mother of two—like a train running on multiple tracks, she juggles family, marriage, home and career. There’s Jada—powerful, sexy, single, and embroiled in a workplace romance that’s ending on a very sour note. And then there’s single mom, Gillian, doing her creative writing in any scrap of time she can find: dreaming about quitting law and living the life of an artist, once her troubled teenage daughter gets her life on track. But when a horrible tragedy shatters the firm, the women must pull together to pick up the pieces. As they do, they discover some strange and startling truths about each other, and even more, about the men they’ve been partners with for years. In an effort to right the ship and get the firm back on course, Kali throws a lingerie-tea-shower for the young law student engaged to marry the senior partner, unaware of the minefield of social etiquette she’ll be obliged to navigate. The tea party doesn’t quite go quite as planned, but it certainly does go off—with dramatic and hilarious consequences.


Hilarious, quirky and entertaining!

Sisters In Law by Sylvia Mulholland is one interesting and delightful read. In it, we have three women lawyers trying to navigate their work, personal and family lives. Each of them so different from one another, yet they have a kindred like friendship, and work together as lawyers at the law firm of Biltmore, Durham and Spears. First there is Jada Tyler, a single, stylish, beauty that is in a relationship which is soon to end, with a colleague at the firm. Next there is Gillian, a hippyish, creative writer in her spare time, waiting to get her novel published, while tackling her only child, her teenage daughter. Last, but not least, there is conservative Kali, married with two children, managing a hectic life of career and family. These three women’s lives are more than interesting, filled with trials, interpersonal relationships and amusement. When a few of the male lawyers board a small plane headed to Catalina island for the firm’s annual tie-swap party, things go terribly wrong and tragedy strikes. What follows is an eventful story filled with assorted romances, intrigue, mystery and certainly a lot of laughs.

Sisters In Law is an unputdownable fun filled read that had me captivated from the very first chapter. Sylvia Mulholland has created quite a few memorable, rather quirky and somewhat eccentric characters in this fabulous story. They are fully developed with complicated lives, interesting personalities and peculiarities. I could completely relate and found myself connecting with the three main characters, the women lawyers. Their struggles with work versus family lives and their personal relationships are undeniably true to life. Sylvia Mulholland, with her instinctive writing style, has managed to put a delightful, humorous spin on their complex and sometimes confusing lives. I fully enjoyed each of their individual storylines and the way the author intricately tied them all together.

The descriptive language of the settings, food and situations had me on the scene fully engaged all the way from the start of the book to the very satisfying conclusion. As a practicing lawyer with her own law firm, Sylvia Mulholland gives readers a first-hand glimpse into the inner workings of a law firm. With this fun and original story, she addresses the challenges that women face managing a career and family life, while trying to do it all. She writes with much humor and empathy. There are many twists and turns that I didn’t see coming and overall I was fully entertained as I found myself laughing throughout this sensational read. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends Sisters In Law to all avid women readers!

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