God Challenges from Philosophy and Science by Lynne Renoir

by Lynne Renoir
Genres: Philosophy Nonfiction, Religion Nonfiction, Spirituality
Format: Kindle

Alt="god challenges"God Challenges from Philosophy and Science by Lynne Renoir


Although she was a devout Christian, the author came to question the traditional view of God as the all-powerful creator. Her book examines philosophical approaches to the question of the divine, and she uses findings in quantum theory and cosmology to suggest that the source of reality is not a supreme being, but lies in the idea that each person is a unique expression of a cosmic mystery. At the same time the author discusses the religious experiences of believers from various traditions, some of which involve a profound life transformation. The conclusion reached in the book is that ultimate truth is found in the inner dimensions of a person’s being, and is not dependent on any externally imposed system of thought.


God Challenges from Philosophy and Science by Lynne Renoir is a thought provoking, intellectual book about the existence of God as the creator. In it she examines the three monotheistic belief systems: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. She then compares them to what various disciplines have to offer in terms of our human existence. Her conclusion is that truth and ultimate reality lie in the inner dimensions of a person’s being, and cannot be imposed by any external source.

After fifty years of devotion to Christianity, Lynne began to question her faith. This led her to undertake extensive research in the fields of philosophy, cosmology and psychology. Her conclusion is that when a belief system is life transforming, there will be a compatibility between those beliefs and the psychological structure of the individual. The arguments presented remove the teachings of religion from the domain of right or wrong, reinterpreting them as that which works for the person in everyday living.

Lynne Renoir’s philosophical approach reveals a thoroughness and a skillful writing ability. Her comprehensive book contains a wealth of knowledge and original ideas that will probably be challenging to religious traditionalists. The writing is informative and highly intelligent, but easy to read and understand. Extensive references add to the book’s credibility.

I recommend God Challenges from Philosophy and Science to discerning readers who want to educate themselves on the subjects of religion, philosophy, cosmology and psychology. Get yourself a copy and be ready to be educated, enlightened and inspired.”

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