Dog Gone – Diane Moat – Book Review

by Diane Moat
Genres: Crime & Detective Fiction, Mystery, Suspense
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="dog gone"Dog Gone: A Sam Holden Novel Diane Moat


A horribly murdered dog. A woman at a crossroads in her life.

Samantha Holden finds the tortured body of a dog, launching her on a battle against animal abuse. The line between right and wrong quickly blurs, leading her down the path of bringing these abusers to justice. A path which calls for extraordinary – and sometimes illegal – measures.

A modern day animal-avenger version of Robin Hood, Sam turns to robbery to fund her illegal projects. A mob family retiree, a housebound social media whiz, and a gorgeous Irishman who fences the things she steals, all are linked together in the search for the man who started it all.

Can Sam balance this escalating crusade while keeping it all secret from her on-again, off-again boyfriend, who could cause it all to explode?

If she finds the man she hunts, will either of them survive?

Reviewers have said of Dog Gone: “Action packed and suspenseful, hard to put this book down!” “Sam Holden is a true Avenger!”


Dog Gone by Diane Moat follows vigilante justice fighter, Samantha Holden, as she seeks to avenge the death of a murdered dog. Sam is an ER nurse and a dedicated volunteer at an animal shelter where she has seen, first hand, the neglect and abuse that animals sometimes endure. She goes camping with her boyfriend, Daniel, to an isolated area in Tennessee and finds a dog on the side of the road. The dog, Elvis, has been neglected, abused and brutally murdered. As an animal lover, Sam, is devastated, filled with anger and vengeance. She sets out to get justice for Elvis, and find the dog’s killer. As she goes about, seeking revenge on animal abusers and killers, she begins resorting to illegal means and robbery to fund and exact her cause. Sam thinks it’s the only way to fuel her undertaking. All the while, she keeps her unlawful dealings a secret from those around her. She is hunting the man that killed Elvis, and he is a monster that doesn’t want to get caught. The measures and lengths that Sam will go to in order to get justice and bring down Elvis’ killer, seems to have no limits. She is one strong determined woman who also has a heart of gold toward animals. Will she succeed in her endeavor or will she also be harmed by the cruel and inhumane man she is after?

Dog Gone is a serious heart-pounding mystery and suspense that deals with the subject of animal neglect and abuse. Sam will do whatever it takes to save the animals and get justice for them. She is a warm-hearted compassionate person that resorts to dealing with unscrupulous criminals in order to move her cause forward. Author, Diane Moat has created an incredible character with Sam. She is a fully developed heroine that is likable, passionate and unstoppable. Her love for animals propels her forward and readers will revel in her strength and guts. The secondary characters in Dog Gone are a vital part of the story and Moat has created and woven them in beautifully.

This is a thrilling and heart-breaking story about the crime and injustice perpetrated upon animals and how one woman took it upon herself to go against all the rules to stop it from happening and to get revenge. She is a hero in my eyes and a great character in this book. I thoroughly enjoyed Dog Gone and couldn’t put it down. It is action packed and the ending is a surprise I didn’t see coming, but fully welcomed.

The storyline is filled with twists and unexpected turns of events. The plot is strong and powerful with an important message regarding the sometimes forgotten and unseen horrors that animals go through at the hands of humans. These people must be stopped and brought to justice, but the system is failing for these unfortunate, lovable creatures. This book is unique and unlike anything I have ever read. Artisan Books fully recommends Dog Gone to everyone. This is an extraordinary must read book.

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  1. Dog Gone is a great title. I love the premise of this book and the genre. Artisan is the best book blog I have come across.

  2. This book sounds great, but the cover doesn’t seem to do it justice. I might try it anyways. The review is so good and you made the book sound exciting.

  3. This work reveals a sort of suspenseful mood and everyone would be easily attracted by it.

  4. Sounds like a super thriller. And the issue of animal abuse is serious. I’m glad someone wrote a story like this one. I’m getting this book. Thank you

  5. Great title for a book. Love the cover and review too. I’m putting this book on my reading list.