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Is it a lottery ticket? A rich uncle? A huge, mysterious payoff?
Let the waiting finally be over and discover that you already have what you truly want – happiness. It’s there inside you, just waiting for you to access it.
So what’s the secret to finding it? Using your imagination. And Paula Sullivan has done just that – her imagination has led her to developing and exploring new practices you can use to achieve happiness simply by changing our thoughts. In Simply Being Happy, she’ll teach you how to strengthen your imagination just like any other muscle so it can bring you the results you want.

In these pages, you’ll discover how to:
– Change your thoughts about money from scarcity to abundance.
– Accentuate the positive in your life.
– Pay attention to the words you use and the thoughts you think.
– Reprogram those words and thoughts into life-altering positive ones.
– Learn to spot your own Doppelgangers for self-improvement.
– Access your inner wisdom so you always know what is best for you.
– Create your ideal day and your ideal lifestyle for the rest of your days.
Are you ready to live the life of your dreams? Are you ready for the happiness you’ve always craved and know you deserve? Then start creating it now by reading Simply Being Happy.


Simply Being Happy by Paula Sullivan is like a breath of fresh air. Her writing style and humor, along with all her teaching and tips, will engage the reader and possibly change their life.

We all strive for happiness. I think it is the number one thing that people desire. That’s why this book Simply Being Happy by Paula Sullivan is so pertinent and important. Without happiness, we are empty, depressed and sad. When we feel like those things, we don’t function like we should. Paula Sullivan’s book has real life applications, solutions and techniques to obtain happiness. We all deserve to be happy. And Paula Sullivan’s guide teaches us how.

Paula did a lot of research and read hundreds of books on teachings that range from modern day scientific studies to old more ancient ideas and studies. Her main conclusion has to do with “the power of visualization.” Yes, actually picturing things that we want in our minds. Many of us have poor images in our minds, and if we practice Sullivan’s 93 steps, we can change those negative images to positive productive ones. Which in turn, will create happiness within our beings and limit the worry that leads to stress.

Through various visualization techniques and focusing on what you wish your life to be like, rather than how it is, Paula Sullivan claims that we can change our whole perspective. She says that we all have joy and inner wisdom residing within us, and that we can tap into it and actually pull it up by visualizing things that will create happiness and prosperity. Therefore, bringing it into realization and awareness.

She believes that our life experience should be an ongoing training exercise toward happiness and fulfillment by changing our subconscious picture from insufficiency to full prosperity and a fulfilled peaceful life. It’s about reprogramming our minds, which makes perfect sense. She advocates visualizations, positive spoken affirmations and meditation.

Through her extensive research and application, I believe that Paula Sullivan has really hit on something powerful and possibly pioneered the way to finding true deep and meaningful happiness.

I found Simply Being Happy to be strengthening and even a, somewhat, spiritual self-help book that has the power to change lives. It is an exciting book filled with many practical, applicable tips on how to reverse one’s thinking and become more joyful and peaceful. I tried her techniques and I sensed a newness within my mind and spirit. It really worked.

Having dealt with depression my whole life, after reading and putting into practice Sullivan’s ideas, I feel as though I have a whole new lease on life.

So, not only do I recommend this book, but I want to thank Paula Sullivan for her hard work to make this book possible and available to change my life and as well others.

Outstanding self-help read!

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