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Alt="todd radus"I’m a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host, Management & Leadership Coach, Trainer & Consultant. I specialize in helping entrepreneurs learn how to run their businesses and become better leaders. I host The Mindset Man internet radio show on I’m a Veteran of Desert Storm and have nearly 30 Years of leadership and business experience. I currently own two businesses a real estate holdings company and “TR Success” my coaching, consulting and training business.

I was born in Michigan in 1968. My extended family was from Pennsylvania where he spent my summers growing up on my Uncles farm. I now reside in the Pocono Mountains of PA where I live with my wife. I own TR Success LLC a personal coaching, leadership, and management training business and Aurora Investing LLC a real estate holding company.

I started my career in high school as a general laborer and went on to become a salesman for a local department store. From there I joined the US Navy and became an Aviation Electrician serving in the Gulf War in Desert Shield and Storm.  After my time in the service, I went on to own business than on to a career in business management.

After a very successful career in management. I decided to follow my own dreams of teaching others how to not only operate a business but to also find success and happiness in their lives. My book “Your Three Horses” is a testament to the philosophies of life contained within its pages.

“My main goal in becoming an author was to help you find success and happiness in your life, no matter the adversity you face.” Todd Radus

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The Mindset Man is an interview radio show with Host Todd RadusTodd talks with guests from varied backgrounds who learned how to change their mindsets to overcome great challenges and achieve their life goals.

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