Sylvia Mulholland – Featured Author

Alt="sylvia mulholland"Sylvia Mulholland was born in and raised in Canada. She attended the Ontario College of Art, University of Toronto and the University of Ottawa, where she obtained her law degree. Since 2006, she has practiced intellectual property law, with offices in both Los Angeles and Toronto.

Sylvia’s debut novel, Woman’s Work was published in the UK (Hodder & Stoughton), Canada (General) and Germany (Goldmann) followed by her second novel, Lingerie Tea, with the same publishers. Her latest books, A Nanny for Harry and Sisters in Law are now available on Amazon as Kindle books in and paperback. Her latest novel, a legal thriller, Looks Can Kill, will be published in 2019.

In addition to her law degree and license to practice law in both the US and Canada, Sylvia holds an MFA from American Film Institute, where she was awarded the prestigious Sloan Foundation Fellowship for her screenplay about Albert Einstein’s first wife, the physicist, Mileva Maric. She has also worked for E! Entertainment in Los Angeles as a writer on True Hollywood Story and TSI Investigates.

As a as a woman in the highly competitive field of law, raising two children and also pursuing a writing career, Sylvia knows well the challenges of trying to do it all. In her novels and shorter pieces she writes with humor and empathy about women, the legal profession, marriage and family life.

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