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M. J. Feinauer moved to the metro-Atlanta area in November, 1983 from a small town in mid-Michigan. It was here that he began his professional career in manufacturing. His business contacts allowed him to meet people from around the world, to learn their cultures and give him the opportunity to share our American culture with them.

Almost four years ago while on a lunch break, M. J. Feinauer was watching a network news station where the panelists talked about the upcoming presidential election.

Like being hit by a lightning bolt, the idea for my first novel, found its way into the empty corners of my mind. Believe me, I have plenty. From that day on I slowly developed the story on my lunch breaks and any available time I had on the weekends.

With the support and love from my wife, my family and several close friends, I am proud to say, I have completed my debut novel— Neptune’s Chalice.

M. J. Feinauer has chosen to publish this first novel, in eBook format. Take a moment and view the trailer of this suspense thriller.

I hope you enjoy it, and I am looking forward to reading your reviews.

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Neptune’s Chalice- Book Trailer

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