Awaken Your Spirit! by Edward N Brown.

Awaken Your Spirit! Lift the Veil and Receive the Light! by Edward N Brown
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Alt="Awaken Your Spirit"Awaken Your Spirit! Lift the Veil and Receive the Light!
by Edward N. Brown 

A unique book that reveals the miracle and mystery of the human spirit in easy-to-understand terms –

What exactly is it? How does it work? Why do you have one? Where did you get it?

Learn why your spirit is veiled,

and what you can do to lift the veil, and receive the gifts of God.

An exploration into the secrets of the human spirit – written in an entertaining style for the average person – but based upon sound theological, historical, and scientific principles. It provides a fresh perspective on understanding our relationship with God – connecting the eternal message of the Gospel with simple concepts and routine events of daily life.

 Book Review:

I am familiar with the Bible’s basic tenets from Sunday School, but I wished to develop my understanding of Christian principles and my relationship with God. Awaken Your Spirit! Lift the Veil and Receive the Light! by Edward N Brown, answered many of my questions.

People who don’t have a Christian upbringing will still benefit from reading this book as the author uses easy-to-read terms to explain the process of human creation and the stages of man in parallel with the development of Christianity as a faith. He skillfully weaves his knowledge of science, philosophy, ancient history, and theology using fascinating examples derived from the Bible and provides a bibliography and appendices to support his theories.

Having read this incredible enlightening book, I now better understand the concepts of the body, spirit, and soul, how they relate, and how I can become closer to God. The author compares a human being with a computer system. The body is the hardware, the soul is the central operating system software, and the spirit is the application software that communicates and interacts with the one true God. As he points out, “It is because of the soul and the spirit that the body, made of living matter, transforms into a human being.” Man can access his spirit and try to reach a relationship with God, but his spirit is veiled. By following Christian principles and beliefs outlined in the scriptures, he can unveil it and allow the Holy Spirit to enter and fuse with his spirit, to make it as God-like as possible. The devil can, however, slip under the veil and stop man from reaching this heightened state with God. The author provides interesting examples of events in the Bible when people departed from Christian principles and allowed the devil to pass under the veil, manipulating their emotions and making them sinful and self-centered.

More than just inspiration or self-help, this book provides new, and little- known insights into human spirituality – using history, science, and theology as supporting evidence – insights useful for furthering personal growth and enriching one’s journey with God. This is done in a compact easy-to-read format, without a lot of extraneous bells and whistles, intended for the regular person with little time to search for answers, but still has a yearning to find those answers.

If you wish to gain spiritual awareness and better understand how Christianity can enhance your life, then I recommend Awaken Your Spirit! Lift the Veil and Receive the Light! By Edward N Brown. Book reviewed by Alice Raymond.

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