Skincare for Relaxation by Carrie Scharf 

Skincare for Relaxation by Carrie Scharf
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Do you need to relax? Would you like to find ways to make your self-care time more beneficial?

Learn ways to use essential oils and skincare to enhance your self-care routine. And if you don’t have one, this book can help you create one that is relaxing and suited to your skincare needs. Discover how to use essential oils, and what carrier oils and other ingredients you can combine them with to create helpful skincare products for your skin type. Carrie Scharf has a skincare business and loves to find ways to use natural ingredients to solve skincare issues. Included are recipes for face, hair, bath, and over 200 essential oil aromatherapy blends for issues like stress and anxiety, skin types,muscle pain and PMS.

Find more of Carrie’s beautiful books for homemade luxurious and organic products which are pure and simple. Tips and recipes for creating your own skincare products, lovely soaps and lotions made with essential oils and so much more. Click to get her books here  

When I discovered Carrie’s books, I was delighted and thrilled beyond words.
Ella James – ABR

Artisan’s Book Review for
Skincare for Relaxation
Carrie Scharf

Skincare for Relaxation by Carrie Scharf is your guide to relaxation and enjoying beautiful skin – pure and simple! Aromatherapy and essential oils are used for their ability to promote a healthy body and serene mind by aiming to restore balance both physically and mentally. This exceptional book and guide will provide all the information you have been longing to learn about these lovely beneficial oils and ingredients and even show you how to easily make them a part of your daily life for optimal health, beauty and relaxation.

As author Carrie Scharf reminds us, looking after our minds and taking good care of our skin are keys to our overall health and beauty regime. But with so much information out there, the path to de-stressing and healthy skin can seem far from clear. That is one of the reasons I love Skincare for Relaxation so much, it’s so simple to understand and follow!Every essential oil and ingredient is explained in an understandable way, what they are and what they do, and importantly how to use them. There are complete lists, for example, different essential oils and more importantly, how each one can help you with different things. For example, I will now definitely buy lemon grass for my hair and German chamomile for my arthritis! Learn how to easily make salts, milks, clays, body scrubs, and essential oil mixing for a plethora of reasons. With helpful charts, clear processing steps, how to store, and creative and enticing recipes, this book will inspire you to make your own high-quality, skincare products! I love this beautiful book. Skincare for Relaxation teaches us how to make our own pure and natural chemical free skincare products. Carrie Scharf has kindly shared her knowledge and explains all the amazing benefits each and every essential oil and herb has for our skin, body and mind.

I would definitely recommend the paperback version, as sheets have already been created for you and are ideal to make notes in the book on how your own recipes went. I think this would make a perfect gift for people wanting to relax, start a hobby, or who just want to know exactly what they’re putting on their skin and that of their family – all of them would appreciate this guide very much. Start your own essential oils regimen and be on your way to a healthier mind and body!

Carrie Scharf has created a treasury of information for you to dip in and out of.  Enjoyable and informative, Skincare for Relaxation is a refreshing, beautiful guide to help you relax, smile and have luxurious glowing skin, and it comes very highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by Tracy Traynor for Artisan Book Reviews.

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Skincare for Relaxation by Carrie Scharf
Winner first place ABR Book Excellence Award contest for best Self-Help, Skincare, Makeup, Beauty & Health
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