She is a Spirit Now by Farzaneh Ghadirian

She is a Spirit Now by Farzaneh Ghadirian
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This book is about how I overcame a life filled with grieving. It is about how I halted the cycle of pain and suffering that had become my family’s legacy. This book serves as a memoir about inner transformation, growth, and spiritual awakening. The pain of overcoming my old self was difficult, but I am finally free.

The book itself is a memoir about inner transformation and self-improvement, about self-growth and spiritual awakening. My methodology was derived from the philosophies of spiritual teachers such as Alan Watts, Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Dr. Joe Dispenza, as well as through the study of Taoism and applying its teachings in the pursuit of a better life.

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She is a Spirit Now is a visceral and deeply personal memoir. Intimate and unflinching from her harrowing upbringing, Farzaneh Ghadirian’s book is more than a memoir; it is a resource that shows there is life after abuse.

The self-healing process is different for each person in its pursuit. This honest and touching memoir shows that there is a way to overcome and break free. Farzaneh grappled with her fragile life and questioned why those painful things happened to her. Not to blame anyone, but to find freedom. Surviving not only a traumatic childhood but an abusive first marriage the author tells us how it impacted her adult life and shows her fierce desire to heal, and to see others healed as well.

Farzaneh Ghadirian openly talks about planning her own suicide and the things that happened in her life to bring her to that heart-breaking place. She then goes on to explain how she moved from words like worthlessness, anger, and resentment, to words such as love, joy, and acceptance. She explains how she started seeking help and how that became a huge step toward her inner healing. The powerful, overall, message of this memoir is that she learned how to be free from her past wounds and to stop being defined by the identity of victimization.

Farzaneh Ghadirian’s memoir—profound, painful, full of emotion, brave and honest—offers hope to those who may have experienced a traumatic upbringing themselves. The book shows us how there is freedom from a painful past if we search in the right places. She is a Spirit Now comes recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.  

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