Awakened by a Billionaire: A Steamy Romantic Suspense by J.J. Sorel

Awakened by a Billionaire: A Steamy Romance Novel by J.J. Sorel.
Series: (LOVECHILDE SAGA Book 1)
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Alt="awakened by a billionaire"Awakened by a Billionaire: A Steamy Romantic Suspense (LOVECHILDE SAGA Book 1) by J.J. Sorel

“An utterly delicious romance that’s meant to be devoured.”

A scream rang out in the darkness. I traced her cries and found a half-naked woman begging to be saved. With nowhere to go, she ended up on my sofa looking like Sleeping Beauty… by morning she’d vanished.

I wanted to know her story, and why I’d nearly died for her.
As time rolled on, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. So imagine my surprise when she showed up at my family estate, employed as a maid.

She’d forgotten me… but I could never forget her.

That curvy beauty had become a sweet, guilty obsession… an intense craving I couldn’t deny.

Even just a taste of that sweet smile was worth fighting for … only Theadora could never just be for one night… as I soon discovered.


At first, I couldn’t understand why he kept staring at me.

The way his eyes trapped mine for what seemed longer than a casual glance stole my breath. His ocean-blue eyes followed me along, making the tray tremble under my hands.

As I leaned over to serve him, his cologne rushed through me like a divine drug, triggering all kinds of emotion.

For someone who’d memorized piano scores since the age of ten, I could barely remember my name around him.

Then he asked me to be his personal maid, and I discovered things I never knew before.

But could someone like me handle all of his needs… And would I survive this wild ride, given his complicated life?

Or…Is this some silly girlish fantasy? Because women like me don’t normally end up with hot, sexy billionaires…Right?
Awakened by a Billionaire explores the passionate and steamy romance between a billionaire and his maid, brought together under extraordinary circumstances. While book one ends with a satisfying HEA for Declan and Theadora, there are ongoing family issues that stretch over the entire series.

“Everything you need in a book and the spice is amazing!” ★★★★★

“Something so much more than just a Steamy Romance.” ★★★★★

“Reading this was like watching a good series.” ★★★★★

Artisan Book Reviews: 

J.J. Sorel has created a dreamy, passionate and enthralling romance story in Awakened by a Billionaire: A Steamy Romance Novel (LOVECHILDE SAGA Book 1).  

Told in alternating points of view, Awakened by a Billionaire depicts Theadora, a young woman who’s struggling to make ends meet in the élite city of London while trying to earn a degree in Music Education.  After a vexing rough night where she’d been drugged, unexpectedly, Declan comes to her rescue.  Declan, the son of billionaires, and a billionaire in his own right, has just returned from active military combat in Afghanistan.  He’s trying to re-acclimate himself to his family’s desired role for him and yet, the new maid at his family’s house has caught his attention and has an irresistible pull on him.  During his mom’s birthday party when an old man continues to hit on the maid, Declan comes to her rescue again.  The maid is in fact – Theadora, the woman he had rescued previously, and a passionate, steamy romance ensues.

J.J. Sorel has creatively brought into into existence complex intricate characters with incredible personalities; readers will worry for Thea and swoon for Declan.  The chemistry between the two of them is intense.  J.J. Sorel has a gift for creating characters that feel real and are also multi-faceted. The settings are also beautifully illuminated which works well with the use of vivid, sensual descriptions and the air of suspense.  And while this book depicts many lusty sex scenes, the characters still have other interesting and relatable aspects to their personalities.

Readers looking for a romance that will sweep them off their feet and get their hearts racing, will enjoy Awakened by a Billionaire and feel like they are having the same visceral experiences as Thea and Declan fall madly in love and lust; (I think this will leave everyone feeling VERY satisfied)!  Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends Awakened by a Billionaire: A Steamy Romance Novel (LOVECHILDE SAGA Book 1) by J.J. Sorel. ★★★★★

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