Laela and the Moonline by Lisa Perskie

Laela and the Moonline by Lisa Perskie
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“Surprises unfold in the predictable. . . . You can never fully foresee the foreseen.”

Long ago, the four tribes of Aerizon lived as one people, but the time of unity has passed. Now, three of the tribes collectively called the Treedles inhabit the forest canopy. The fourth tribe, the Mergons, live on the ground and pose a constant threat to the Treedles. Laela is a young Treedlegirl coming of age in the treetop realm of Aerizon. Her destiny, as yet unrevealed, will cast her in the role of catalyst for epic change.

Laela grows increasingly restless with the cultural limits and expectations for young Treedle women. In her quest to understand and express her authentic self, she faces soul-transforming psychological and physical tests. Unlike Treedle women before her, she pushes back against traditional gender and cultural boundaries. Propelled by mysterious forces, she ventures into the forest and onto the lands below, breaking ground for a new era.

As she evolves spiritually, Laela faces mental challenges, redefining her perception of the impact one person can have on the world. Finally, she gains the courage to raise her voice in defense of herself and her people. Seekers of truth and justice will relate to how Laela grapples with the challenge of finding her guiding values.

 Artisan Book Reviews:

An inspiring, brilliantly written and imaginative young adult fantasy novel, Laela and the Moonline by Lisa Perskie follows the story of a young, courageous heroine whose foretold destiny leads to the anticipated renewal of her people.

Unlike other girls her age, Laela has no desire to take up the roles that define a Treedle woman. Instead, she is driven by a strong sense of duty to protect her tribe. Laela’s adventurous spirit leads her onto a dangerous path. She leaves the safety of the treetops where her tribe resides and into the land of the Mergons, a ruthless tribe that was once united with the Treedles. Though she encounters danger at every turn, Laela stands up for her own people and defends them even in the face of death. She overcomes overwhelming physical and mental obstacles to restore justice and unity among the tribes.

The story’s breathtaking setting comes alive through its rich descriptions of the mystical Treedle territory which is marked by beautiful gardens with lush foliage and towering trees. Each Treedle clan has a unique, beautiful complexion and plays a special role in ensuring the tribe’s continuity. The story is enhanced by its fresh, dynamic characters who include Laela’s best friends, Phips and Oti. The friends come from different clans which allows Laela to expand her perspective of other people with different traditions and learn from them. The three friends share a wonderful bond that is skillfully developed from the start to the end. The story overflows with thrilling action scenes in which Laela’s resolve to be her authentic self, pursue her interests and embark on a life-changing journey is tested. It also contains a beautifully realized love story that is woven into the main storyline involving Laela’s destiny. The story threads important lessons for young adult readers that are especially applicable in today’s world about becoming bridges between different factions of society, remaining open-minded about other cultures and pursuing peace and resolution during conflict. Its themes about friendship, breaking barriers, finding one’s voice, and instituting change are also timely and relevant to the novel’s target audience.

A fabulous coming-of-age story with an authentic heroine, Laela and the Moonline by Lisa Perskie is an unforgettable tale with important themes and spectacular settings. A young adult fantasy novel with surprising depth; it has elements that parallel the real world. A compelling story with a film-worthy plot, it will fully immerse you in its creative fantasy world and hold you captive to the very last page. Laela and the Moonline by Lisa Perskie comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews and takes first place in the ABR Book Excellence Award contest for best young adult fantasy novel. Book read and reviewed by Edith for Artisan Book Reviews.

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