The Bush Clinic: Book I of The Tribal Wars by Stella Atrium

The Bush Clinic: Book I of The Tribal Wars by Stella Atrium
Series: The Tribal Wars #1
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Alt="the bush clinic"The Bush Clinic: Book I of The Tribal Wars by Stella Atrium

A space colonization story about seeking independence and home rule in the face of corporate greed. Tribal women bind together in a war zone where they are discounted as not important enough to save or keep safe.

On Dolvia, Lt. Mike Shaw demands Dr. Greensboro’s doctoring skills at the hospital, forcing the closure of her bush clinic. She witnesses forced labor, forced migration, and the threat of an epidemic from bad water. She sees how tribal women–often wearing burkas–find solutions for saving the children in a conflict zone, and she commits to the their cause for Home Rule.

Brianna Miller is an isolated girl–a mixed-blood orphan–among the Dolviet tribes. With the lessons from Dr. Greensboro, the abuse from soldiers, the sisterhood among victims, Brianna prepares for a future she will choose for herself. But first she must travel off-world.

Artisan Book Reviews:

The Bush Clinic by Stella Atrium is an original, women-centric science-fiction novel that features a new planet whose indigenous populations struggle against human colonization. The first installment in The Tribal Wars series, it deftly portrays the impact of structural inequalities in a world prejudiced against women.

Dr. Greensboro establishes her research clinic on the conflict-scarred planet of Dolvia. While working there, she witnesses first-hand the discrimination of women by Dolviet’s male-dominated cultures. Greensboro leaves her clinic upon Lieutenant Michael Shaw’s directive to work in a hospital where she observes the impact of human colonization on native groups and the bravery of local women. The novel chronicles her experiences, showing her flaws but also highlighting her triumphant achievements in Dolvia’s precarious economic and cultural settings.

The story is an honest examination of human character and it creates realistic characters and powerful organizations that depict real past and present human conflict. Though flawed, the protagonists are determined and they fight for their place in Dolvia despite the challenges they face. Brianna is an outsider in her tribe but is motivated by Greensboro to fight for a place for herself. Readers will be inspired by Brianna’s strength and kindness as they follow her moving coming-of-age story and they will get to celebrate her wins. The societal issues covered in the story which involve powerful forces taking advantage of the people and subjecting them to forced labor and mistreatment are familiar. Still, the book beautifully shows what can be achieved through unity and sensitizes its readers about the problems marginalized groups face. It aptly portrays women’s strength and resilience through the tribal women in the story who work together to save their children during war and crisis. Through the women’s experiences, the story impresses upon its audience the struggles women face in war zones and patriarchal systems. The novel is rich with captivating descriptions, emotion, and intriguing fantasy elements, including extra-terrestrial creatures.

The Bush Clinic: Book I of The Tribal Wars by Stella Atrium is a brilliantly layered science fiction work with applicable themes and engrossing characters. Fans of science fiction novels will enjoy its diverse subplots and absorbing settings.

Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends The Bush Clinic: Book I of The Tribal Wars and proudly awards Stella Atrium first place for the ABR Book Excellence Award for best science fiction novel. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Artisan Book Reviews.

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The Bush Clinic: Book I of The Tribal Wars by Stella Atrium
Has Won First Place in the
ABR Book Excellence Award Contest
for best Science Fiction
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