Noema by Dael Akkerman

Noema by Dael Akkerman
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Alt="noema"Noema by Dael Akkerman

This is a story about some things that happened to me about twelve thousand years ago.”

In the time known as the Mesolithic, it seems that all life on earth faces extinction. To stand any chance of survival, people must abandon the only way of life they have ever known. But to do that, they must first learn a new way of perceiving reality.

Noema is a story about the fluidity of human consciousness, and the subjectivity of our realities. It is also the story of two young girls, and of their encounter with a God who has Her own reasons for needing them
to save humanity…

Book review:

A metaphysical masterpiece that readers will be eager and thrilled to wrap their heads around, Noema by Dael Akkerman is seriously compelling. It’s a must-read; this is no ordinary book on any bookshelf. In fact, you will not find another book like this one in existence.

In Noema, the world is reimagined with less physical boundaries for a select few. Maya and her friend Arlen are young girls growing up twelve thousand years ago, in a time of climate change and starvation. Their village must rely on help from a mysterious being known as “The Traveller” for assistance, but to follow her instructions may mean doing the odd and unthinkable. And as the girls grow up, they begin asking questions. Why are they unlike other people? Who is “The Traveller?” Why are things the way they are, and who are Maya and Arlen, really?

Dael Akkerman leaves the reader in awe with every page. Each element of the story is intentionally shrouded in mystery, pulling the reader in deeper and deeper, and the story itself is told in an amazingly expressive voice which also pulls the reader in, causing them to envision the scenes, scenarios, characters and the plot. That plot is incredible, and not so easily guessed or figured out, but it all comes together in remarkably clever and imaginative manner, leaving readers gasping in astonishment and wanting more.

Noema is an almost unimaginable work of fiction, yet Dael Akkerman’s remarkable mind has managed it. Her ability to weave such a big story into so few pages is absolutely astonishing. Suitable for both teens and adults, Noema is a metaphysical work of wonder that will have readers intrigued from start to finish.

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