Blackout (Crossbreed Series Book 5) by Dannika Dark

Blackout (Crossbreed Series Book 5) by Dannika Dark
Series: Crossbreed Series
on August 10, 2018
Format: Audiobook, Kindle, Paperback
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Alt="blackout"Blackout (Crossbreed Series Book 5) by Dannika Dark

The fate of millions rests on Keystone when they embark on their most important assignment of all…BOOK 5

After what was supposed to be a simple job, Raven and Christian uncover a sinister plot against the higher authority, and the stakes are as high as the body count. The assassins are merciless, with anyone who stands in their way becoming collateral damage. Meanwhile, Raven is still struggling to make sense of her feelings for Christian following a memory wipe.

During a blackout, the city erupts into chaos. With Breed on the brink of war, Keystone has only twenty-four hours to complete a secret mission. Raven seeks help from the most unlikely of places, but at what cost?

It’s a race against time to save lives in this explosive installment of the Crossbreed series.

Editorial Reviews (Amazon)
“The intense storyline had me holding my breath and biting my nails. Blackout was addictive, explosive, and heartfelt but left me in a fetal position pining for the next installment. If you haven’t yet tried this author or series, now is the time to jump in.
– Caffeinated Reviewer

“Every time I thought I knew what to expect I had the pleasure of having the rug pulled out from under me. I can’t wait to see where this goes!
– Nocturnal Predators Reviews

“When Raven, Christian, and the other members of Keystone discover a secret plot to change the Breed world as they know it, they must use their unique powers and talents to stop it. Fans of paranormal fiction will enjoy this latest installment in the series
– Kristina B. Proofreader, Red Adept Editing


“The plot twists were around every corner and made this book an addiction I never wanted to seek treatment for. Dark delivers a moment so perfectly that I had to stop, take a moment and reflect. It was a beautiful thing.”
– The Read Report

“Dannika Dark remains the only author to give me cold chills while reading. Dark’s writing was impeccable as is her usual, her characters were intricately depicted, and the mystery was good. The action had me on the edge of my seat.”
– Rabid Reads

It was utterly addictive. Lots of action, trouble, and suspense all of which had me listening into the wee hours and ignoring my other reading material.”
– Caffeinated Book Reviewer

“Raven Black. Such a faceted, crazy, witty, and reckless heroine. She reminds me a bit of Kate Daniels. The plot is seamlessutterly engrossing.”
– The Bookaddict Diaries

“Raven was engaging, intriguing and invited listeners into her life and head. A wonderful introduction to a new series, with solid world-building, intrigue from characters and a clear purpose for the heroine with just enough left undone to continue, fans of urban fantasy that mixes character, content and action in equal measure are sure to enjoy this one.
– I Am, Indeed

“Each team member brings their own unique skill set to the team and without one, the others couldn’t do everything that they do. I loved watching them work together and I really felt that they were a family. I will totally be reading more of the Crossbreed series. I enjoyed everything from the characters to the world and the story line.”

– Urban Fantasy Investigations
I am so hooked on this group of characters! Fantastic world building. Filled with action, a bit of blood, a burgeoning love and dare I say — a bit of romance.”
– Obsessive Reading Disorder
                                      Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends Blackout by Dannika Dark
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Alt="Blackout (Crossbreed Series Book 5) by Dannika Dark"                                                     Immortals live among us.



From the Author

THE CROSSBREED SERIES is a compelling urban fantasy about an elite organization that hunts evildoers. The stakes are always high inthis action-packed series with dark secrets, complex characters, and adash of passion. Let a new series of magic, mayhem, and mystery begin!


Dannika Dark is the USA TODAY Bestselling author of the pulse-pounding Crossbreed series, the spellbinding Mageri series, and the sizzling Seven series. Her urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels deliver unforgettable characters, heartwarming relationships, and twists that will leave you breathless. She is an Audie Awards finalist for best Paranormal audiobook, an AudioFile Earphones Award Winner, and has sold millions worldwide.

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THE CROSSBREED SERIES is a compelling urban fantasy about an elite organization that hunts evildoers. The stakes are always high in this action-packed series with dark secrets, complex characters, and a dash of passion. Let a new series of magic, mayhem, and mystery begin!

THE MAGERI SERIES is a thrilling urban fantasy romance about a young woman’s claim to immortality. This spellbinding tale of courage and resilience is filled with unpredictable twists that will lead you on a journey of love, friendship, and the hidden power within us all..

THE SEVEN SERIES is a paranormal romance that centers around a pack of Shifter wolves living in Austin. Sparks fly in this unforgettable blend of romance, hilarity, brotherhood, and real-life issues. This series is for those who believe in family, second chances, and finding that person who completes you. Cliffhanger-free.

NOTE: All of Dannika Dark’s books take place in the Mageri Universe. Each series stands on its own and is not dependent of another. However, because of some exciting twists and character crossovers, if you’re looking for a recommendation on where to begin, start with the Mageri series.

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