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American Landscape by Robert M. Tucker
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Alt="american landscape"American Landscape by Robert M. Tucker

American Landscape is a sweeping generational saga of loyalty and betrayal at the beginning of J. Edgar Hoover’s reign of surveillance and blackmail
of innocent people in the 1930s. The tumultuous love story of Howard Gimble, a young FBI agent, and Yelena Ivanov, a union organizer, prevails
against the violence and harshness of The Great Depression.

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American Landscape by Robert M. Tucker is a cleverly written historical fiction novel with a romantic twist. You will ride the rails with the main character, FBI Agent Howard Gimble as he takes on an ambitious assignment from the Bureau Chief, J. Edgar Hoover to rid the country of communists and eradicate crime.

Author, Robert Tucker takes us behind the scenes of Hoover’s spy agency exposing the leader’s methods of ridding the country of people with different views from his own. No one was safe when finding themselves on the chief’s radar. Gimble learned this as a lad when his father joined the Palmer Men and deported his friend’s mother and father. The two young girls narrowly escaped, and the experience changed their lives. Gimble learned from his special assignment to spy on Yelana Ivanov for the agency.

You’ll find yourself enthralled in the vivid descriptions with sensory details the author develops to pull readers into the story. The suspense is captivating as you’re left wondering how the story will unfold. Will he follow orders from the director, or uphold the law of the nation? And, if so, will it place him in an insane asylum, prison, or death as he was warned?

Robert M. Tucker’s debut novel is an excellent example of his extraordinary writing ability, clever imagination and the profound amount of research he assembles to author a fantastic story based on facts that portrays the hardships and struggles of immigrants when faced with prejudices based on ethnicity. American Landscape by Robert M. Tucker is an interesting, romantic and fascinating historical fiction novel and comes recommended by Artisan Book Reviews with 5 Stars.
Book reviewed by Carolyn Bowen for Artisan Book Reviews.

American Landscape by Robert M. Tucker
has Won First Place in the 
ABR Book Excellence Award contest for best Literary Historical FictionAlt="book award"

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Alt="the revolutionist by robert tucker artisan book reviuewa"About Robert Tucker

My books are literary and genre fiction that address the nature and importance of personal integrity. As a resource for ideas, an affinity for family and generations pervades my novels.

I graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara and of the University of California, Los Angeles with Bachelor’s and Masters of Fine Arts Degrees. I’m a recipient of the Samuel Goldwyn and Donald Davis Literary Awards and nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.  My experience includes advertising, corporate communications, and media production.
I’m a retired business and management consultant having worked with large, medium and small companies in a wide range of industries throughout the country.

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