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Emergence: How to Experience Beauty and New Life in Dead and Dark Places by Mistie House
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Alt="Emergence"Emergence: How to Experience Beauty and New Life in Dead and Dark Places by Mistie House

Eat of this Fruit, and all your Dreams will Come True …|

This is the lie of the enemy used from the beginning of creation in the Garden of Eden, and it is still being used today to steal, kill, and destroy the hopes, dreams, promise, and lives of God’s children.

In Emergence, Mistie House shares her inspiring and vulnerable testimony of the miraculous transformational work God has performed in her own life and marriage. Throughout this journey, she digs deep into her past and shares her story of dealing with the devastating consequences of biting the apple of sin.

Emergence is a beautiful love song of redemption and resurrection that tells the story of God’s power to bring beauty, new life, and light into dead and dark places. It’s sung as the author creatively weaves a three-cord strand using her own narrative, the biblical story of Adam and Eve, and the classic tale of Snow White, the golden thread that entwines its beauty magically throughout.

With powerful biblical depth and reference, practical parables, humor, and astonishing creativity, Mistie will help you:

  • Identify the lies of the enemy and apply the truth of the Word of God in your life
  • Discover your true love, identity, and purpose
  • Recognize iniquities and overcome obstacles that threaten your destiny
  • Escape the chains linking you to your past so that you can be free to arise and emerge into the creation you were born to be

Satan interfered with God’s perfect paradise, but God intervened by sending His Son Jesus in order to return what has been lost, rebuild what has been destroyed, resurrect what was once dead, and renew everlasting life. This truth and promise still applies today!

Emergence reminds us that we were created to live in freedom, intimacy, and paradise with God. Happy endings aren’t limited to fairytales.

Artisan Book Review

In her inspiring and profound Christian non-fiction work, Emergence: How to Experience Beauty and New Life in Dead and Dark Places, Mistie House shares her moving story and leads others to discover their purpose and identity in Christ.

When her parents divorced, House’s idyllic childhood was shattered. At nineteen, she discovered she was pregnant. The news left her torn, uncertain, and engulfed in fear. House beautifully highlights the lessons she has learned along the way and the life-changing discoveries she has made about God’s redemptive power and persistent love. She reveals how God gently led her on a path of discovering her true worth and purpose and guided her through many other facets of her life.

Mistie House captures the reader’s heart through her powerful insight and uplifting words. She intersperses her story with practical biblical lessons about finding new hope and freedom regardless of one’s past. The work paints a lovely tapestry of God’s plan for us; a plan to redeem what has been destroyed, give new life and execute his eternal promise of salvation. From the enthralling classic stories of Snow White and The Secret Garden, the work examines how God’s truth shines through darkness revealing the enemy’s deception. Quiet moments of self-reflection and prayers are provided as House reminds us of who we are in God’s eyes. Her words resonate and address familiar life struggles that anyone can relate to. Reading each chapter feels like having a candid conversation with a close, caring friend who can relate to the fear, hurt and pain people encounter. There are many light-hearted moments included as well. Through each phase of House’s life and in each season of joy, despair, uncertainty, and hope, her journey demonstrates God’s steadfastness and his everlasting love.

Emergence: How to Experience Beauty and New Life in Dead and Dark Places by Mistie House is a heartfelt read and an outstanding addition to her other work. Readers will love its humor, wise lessons, and impactful discussions. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Artisan Book Reviews.

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