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Norah Waverly by Jeanette Collins
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Norah Waverly, informed of an inheritance by an unknown aunt, takes an amazing journey to find out more. In the luxurious home she reaches and the fantastic folks she meets there, things are strange, but lonely Norah accepts the oddities. She is swept up by a handsome, mysterious lover, ancient, dramatic secrets are revealed, then Norah learns she cannot leave

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The enchanting fantasy novel, Norah Waverly by Jeanette Collins, is an amazing story that infuses Scottish history and mythology into the story of a young woman who discovers her heritage along with her destiny, love and some long kept secrets.

During her two-week vacation from her job at a university library, Norah travels to her unknown great aunt’s residence to learn about her unexpected inheritance. She arrives at the majestic house and is treated to grand and luxurious living. Her distant cousin, Herrick MacNeal, sets his eyes on Norah and he refuses to be discouraged by the hesitance she clearly displays toward him. Norah begins to notice that her new family members are rather peculiar and fascinating in their mannerisms and personalities. The more she learns about them, the more she is drawn to them.

This story is based on original and imaginative elements of mythology and time travel which is brilliantly edged into real-world events. The story creatively showcases Scottish ancient history through Norah’s, Pictish heritage. The story is a brilliant intermingling of the new and the old world. It intertwines Norah’s modern world with ancient. Author, Jeanette Collins has thoughtfully created incredible main characters with fascinating qualities. Lucid and detailed descriptions of their prior lives during early Scotland’s turbulent political and cultural upheavals bring them each to life.  Jeanette Collins has a fluent and persuasive way with words that draws readers in to her gifted and creative storytelling and poetic prose.

Herrick ultimately and beautifully expresses his eternal devotion to Norah. Their story and those of other memorable couples within the story enrich the novel. The tension is sustained throughout the story, as Norah uncovers the hidden secrets about her family roots, their ancient secrets and her own incredible powers.

Norah is constantly torn between returning to her predictable life and remaining in the entrancing new world she has just discovered. She struggles to trust Herrick, and to believe the explanations he gives her concerning her connection to those who live in the mansion are true or not. An ancient curse that changed the course of the characters’ lives is a focal point in the story and drives the plot forward and gives it direction.

Norah Waverly by Jeanette Collins is a spellbinding romance novel brimming with fascinating historical detail, an incredible story with shocking revelations and a wonderful satisfying conclusion. Fans of fantasy novels will love the book’s exceptional story filled with love, intrigue and unique ideas.  Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Artisan Book Reviews.

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Norah Waverly by Jeanette Collins

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2022 Artisan Book Reviews – Book Excellence Awards Winner
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