Simon’s Tree Party by Stephen G. Bowling – Book Review

Simon's Tree Party (Simon's Tree House Adventures) by Stephen G. Bowling
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Simon’s Tree Party (Simon’s Tree House Adventures) by Stephen G. Bowling (Author) – Illustrated by Vitali Dudarenka

He’s inviting everyone to his house. But will anyone come?

Simon invites his barnyard friends to his birdhouse for lunch. He asks the goose, the cow, the pig….and soon discovers he has a BIG problem. Will anyone come? Can Mother Bird help?

If you and your child enjoy heartwarming beautifully illustrated children’s picture books, with great rhymes and a well written, fun stories, you will love Stephen G, Bowling’s book Simon’s Tree Party.

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Simon’s Tree Party by Stephen G. Bowling is a lovely, charming rhyming story about a sweet little blue bird named Simon who lives happily with his mother in an adorable petite bird house.

When Simon asks his mother if his friends can come over to play, she tells him to invite them over for a tea party and luncheon with lots of yummy foods to eat and delicious treats for every guest! Simon is so excited that quickly flies off to invite all of his animal friends to join the party at his tree house! His first stop is to invite his friend the goose. But to Simon’s dismay, when he tells the goose the party will be at his house, the goose says his neck is too long and he will not fit in Simon’s little tree house and therefore cannot come to his party. Feeling sad, Simon heads off to ask his friend the cow if she would like to come to his tea party, but the cow says she is too big and will not fit in Simon’s house. When Simon invites his friend the horse and tells him how fun the party will be with games, cookies, cakes and tea, the horse agrees it would be a very nice party indeed, but he is just too large for Simon’s tree house. Simon continues on to invite his other farm animal friends to attend, but they all just say the same thing: that they are too big in size to fit into such a small home. When Simon returns to tell Mother Bird no one will attend his party, she feels badly for him and cheers him up by helping him and reminding him of something very special and important that Simon had forgotten! 

This adorable children’s story will warm your child’s heart and touch their soul! My three young girls enjoyed this story so much!! They loved how Simon was able to have his special friends come to his party after it seemed impossible at first. They were captivated by the artistic, bright and vibrant illustrations! They loved all of the different farm animals and had fun seeing and learning about each of their induvial characteristics.

Simon’s Tree Party is a beautiful story of friendship, hospitality and the importance of a child’s home being where their heart is. It brings a sense of comfort and a gentle feeling of warmth. Every page of this book is thoughtfully written to captive, inspire and entertain children. The exquisitely detailed illustrations remind me of the illustrations and paintings we see in the classic children’s books. 

This wonderful children’s book is highly enjoyable and a must-read for everyone looking for a cheery, uplifting and encouraging story with lovely illustrations that are rarely seen in children’s books these days! I whole heartedly recommend Simon’s Tree Party by Stephen G. Bowling for all families to add to their home library! A true classic that will bring joy and love to all that read it!

Buy Simon’s Tree Party by Stephen G. Bowling today for a wonderful read, time and again for both you and your child!!
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Get Simon’s real birdhouse.

Bring Simon’s story to life. Your children will love the story of Simon and the magic of seeing it come to life right outside their window. 



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