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Where Lives Lead by Gabrielle F. Culmer
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Where Lives Lead by Gabrielle F. Culmer

Mindy is a firm believer that true love conquers all. Her husband, Blaine, has been by her side for years, through even the most horrifying of tragedies. Now as she enjoys a life of marital bliss in upstate New York and Crystal Shores, Mindy has no idea that her husband is about to drop a bombshell that will change everything.

Mindy, who is busy planning a gala and riding her horses, wants a family more than anything. When Blaine tells her he wants to expand his empire to the film industry on the West Coast, Mindy decides to shun her misgivings and support his dreams? But only if he agrees to a bicoastal arrangement. As their lives are propelled in a new direction and as a cast arrives on Crystal Shores for a film project, Mindy and Blaine must now try to stay focused on each other, despite their hectic schedules. But as Blaine’s professional life unfolds just as he imagined it, will he find a way and the time to help Mindy realize her own dreams?

Where Lives Lead is a contemporary tale of love, sacrifice, and hope as a married couple attempts to balance their very different professional dreams with a desire to start a family.

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Where Lives Lead by Gabrielle F. Culmer will enthrall and captivate you. It is a story based on our deepest feelings of loss and regret, and the opposite of those, unwavering love and commitment.

The book is centered around the lives of married couple, Mindy and Blaine. The story, told in third person, offers an intriguing insight into what motivates and inspires this successful couple. Their time for each other is already stretched, but when Blaine wants to expand his empire, doubts rise and they find themselves being catapulted into difficult times.

Author, Gabrielle F. Culmer skillfully balances the competing interests of her fascinating protagonists well. She doesn’t take sides but, instead, is able to offer an insightful investigation into what is really going on in their minds. After all, don’t we all have our own dreams and goals and how often do they conflict with those people we are closest to? How can we resolve them so that everyone is made better by the decision and no one is left out?

And isn’t that at the core of every noteworthy story; the one thing that unites us all? Regardless of where you come from in life, you’ll find yourself wanting to achieve your goals and yet stay connected to your loved ones. It is a very modern and compelling condition readers will completely identify with in Where Lives Lead. I’m sure every reader will recognize something of themselves in this outstanding thought-provoking plot and want to know how Mindy and Blaine resolve their issues. It is the author’s creative ability to build up the tension and then offer a plausible solution that makes this book an extraordinary page turner and very difficult to put down.

Where Lives Lead by Gabrielle F. Culmer is a magical women’s fiction tale that is bound to become a favorite as I’m sure many readers will want to go back and reread it over again. It’s going to sit on my bookshelves for a long time to come and certainly be read again and shared with others – it’s that good!! 5 Big Stars!! Where Lives Lead by Gabrielle F. Culmer comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by S. Day for Artisan Book Reviews Book Reviews.

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