The Palms: A Novel by Clay Anderson – Book Review

The Palms: A Novel by Clay Anderson
Published by Adelaide Books on August 27, 2019
Genres: Literary Fiction
Pages: 298
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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The Palms: A Novel by Clay Anderson

Sixty-eight-year-old Ronnie Wells has recently been paroled for a murder he committed thirty-six years before. He lives in a run-down trailer park outside Pensacola, Florida, and busies himself by maintaining his trailer—it’s the nicest in the park—and never being late for work. Daily life for Ronnie changes when he befriends Mary, the seven-year-old girl who lives next door with her mother, Clara, a drug-addicted prostitute. The Palms weaves the stories and points-of-view of Ronnie, Clara, and Mary as they form a blended family and try to build a new existence. In Mary, Ronnie finds the daughter he never got to raise. Clara is reluctant to the friendship at first but soon realizes Ronnie is the only man she’s ever known who didn’t want her just for drugs or sex.

Clay Anderson is an Adjunct Professor of History at Reinhardt University in Waleska, Georgia. He received his BA in History from Kennesaw State University and MA from Mississippi State University. He is currently an MFA student in Creative Writing at Reinhardt University. The Palms is his first novel. He lives in the mountains of North Georgia with his two dogs.


The Palms: A Novel is remarkable! The stage is set from the get-go for an exciting read. The author, Clay Anderson paints the picture as if you were there in person seeing the wreckage from a nightlong drinking binge. This opening will catapult you into a compelling read knowing the odds are stacked against the main character.

Anderson draws you into the story and touches your senses in his writing. The stench from a run-down trailer park to the ever-present insects and diseased and dying palms tells you where Ronnie called home – The Paradise Palm Villas.

The background of the characters adds depth to the storyline and was portrayed at just the right times, not dumped all at once. He nailed the mannerisms of the cast down to the smallest detail. You’ll see the characters evolve over time and be rooting for Ronnie to win in life for a change. But things get complicated…

The novel reads at a steady pace and is methodically crafted for pure enjoyment. The story is believable, and the locations are expertly crafted with details pertinent to the scenes.

The Palms is Clay Anderson’s first novel and is cleverly written. He captures your interest immediately and follows through for an exciting mystery read. He’s an author to watch for future releases. The Palms: A Novel by Clay Anderson is highly recommended!

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