Surfing with the Bishop by Jeff Costello

Surfing with the Bishop: A Funny, Business Novel by Jeff Costello
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Alt="surfing with the bishop"Surfing with the Bishop: A Funny, Business Novel by Jeff Costello

Business owners die, heirs sell, and companies disappear. It happens all the time. But, when Grayson Quinn’s mentor Big Bill passes away – and his daughters quickly decide to sell off their father’s legacy – the burden of saving the company and the livelihood of so many others falls to Grayson.

To succeed, he must accomplish the seemingly impossible. It will take all of Grayson’s ingenuity to overcome insanely bad marketing, negotiate without money, and outwit obnoxious competitors who want to buy the company and steal his business, not necessarily in that order.

Hidden motives drive critical decisions, as Grayson is caught in the middle with little understanding of anyone’s true intentions. Business as usual is his directive to anyone who will listen, but there’s nothing usual about the final days of Martlet Visionary Products.

“A hilariously fun read loaded with relatable characters and laugh-out-loud moments that’s so damn entertaining, you’ll wish you worked with these people. Buckle up for a white-knuckle ride that will remind you of the best companies you’ve ever worked for and the worst.” – Tim Shiner, Entrepreneur and author of 50 Things They Didn’t Teach You in School!

Artisan Book Reviews:

Surfing with the Bishop by Jeff Costello is the perfect title for this smart, witty and highly entertaining read!  With laugh-out-loud moments and dynamic characters, this novel based around the business world will have you intrigued and fascinated!

Big Bill Nolan has died.  His daughters McKenna and Kennedy immediately put his firm ‘Martlet Visionary Product’ up for sale.  Author, Jeff Costello’s flair for visionary description is brought to life with comments like – ‘He assumed they wanted to own a technology company about as much as their father wanted to drop dead from a heart attack while fishing on his favorite lake.’  Although there are many sensational and significant characters, two grab the spot-light, Grayson and Leland.  Grayson Quinn appreciates all that Big Bill did in sculpting and training him to become a leading sales director.  So, Grayson decides that he will do all he can to make his deceased boss proud, by landing a huge new account and hitting committed sales targets that will pin the sale valuation of MVP.  While Grayson aims to fulfill the sister’s demands, Leland is quietly sabotaging the proceedings.  Also a man who looked up to Big Bill, Leland keeps his cards close to his chest as to what he is really up to.  The book spans just 90 days.  Within that short period we are pulled into the intriguing lives of the curious characters, the mysteries of corporate life and all that it entails –and most importantly (and funny) how to woo new clients.  Wonderful camaraderie binds the employees together, making MVP the place where no one wants to go… surfing with the bishop!

With frequent business insights such as ‘don’t sell past the close’ scattered throughout the book, and with numerous humorous (very tongue-in-cheek) remarks to lighten the setting, this is a hilarious ‘business fiction’ novel that is sure to entertain, as it is to enjoy and educate.

Jeff Costello has penned this tale with intelligence and wit, his crisp writing style is a salute to his life’s observations, business acumen and author flair.  Accomplished, laugh-out-loud hilarious and smartly entertaining Surfing with the Bishop by Jeff Costello comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.

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Jeff Costello served as a senior sales executive for 30-plus years, driving billions of dollars of revenue from emerging technology markets. He’s led worldwide sales teams that supported partners in over 100 different countries and participated in numerous company acquisitions. Having entertained customers for decades, he’s often boasted that he has, “fed more people than Mother Teresa, or at the very least, served better wine.” Jeff lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with his wife, Trina, and their dogs, Bentley and Bo.


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