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Judge, Jury, Executioner by Mitchell P. Jones
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Alt="judge, jury, executioner by mitchell p. jones"Judge, Jury, Executioner by Mitchell P. Jones

Disillusioned with a dystopian society a young teenager takes the law into his own hands to avenge his soulmate. But at what price?

What would you do for love? Or rather: What wouldn’t you do? When Nathan loses Anna — his vibrant, bursting-with-life soulmate, the one girl who completes him — to depression and despair following a vicious rape, he vows revenge against the trio of scumbags involved. Rather than waiting for a justice system he doesn’t believe in to act, he becomes Judge, Jury, Executioner. He hunts down the rapist and those who aided and abetted him hoping this will bring the Anna of old back to him. Instead, much to Nathan’s shock and pain, it has the opposite effect, driving her even further towards a dangerous precipice. Will true love be enough to set things right? One thing’s for sure: no matter what happens, true love is forever. Mitchell P. Jones presents the reader with Nathan’s cold, clear-eyed view of the world and all its faults, a place that hardly has room for love. But, in this world, it is love in the end that rises above all else, turning the coal of daily life into a sparkling diamond.

Artisan Book Reviews:

Disheartened by the injustice in his society, a young man sets out after the cold-hearted culprits behind his girlfriend’s brutal rape in Mitchell P. Jones’s suspenseful psychological thriller, Judge, Jury, Executioner.

The only exciting thing in Nathan’s otherwise boring, dispiriting job is his lunch hour when he gets to see, Anna, the stunning girl with the long black hair. As their bond grows, Nathan is convinced that she completes him and is the most important person to him. When Anna is violently raped at a party, she begins to withdraw, becoming only a shell of her former lively self. Nathan decides to seek retribution against the three involved in the crime, but his actions only cause Anna to withdraw even further.

The book’s setting which is characterized by class divisions and injustice is a fitting background for the tragic circumstances in the book. From his personal experiences with the rich and after realizing that the justice system is unlikely to convict Anna’s tormentors, Nathan decides to seek revenge. Nathan and Anna are both humorous and they share a loathing for opulence and the egotism often displayed by the wealthy. Their attraction to each other and their relationship is natural, fun, and captivating. The writing is robust and contains specific and revealing details about each scene and character. The scenes covering Anna’s decline are poignant with details that show her desolation. Nathan’s hopelessness at his inability to help Anna is also covered. His thoughts are examined throughout the story and his personality is brought out. His distinct character and opinions help make him a convincing main character. The action scenes are brutal and gripping. Nathan’s anger is fueled by his love for Anna and his desperation to avenge the heinous crimes committed against her.

Judge, Jury, Executioner by Mitchell P. Jones is an original suspense novel with moving, gripping twists and comes recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by Reviewed by Edith Emunah for Artisan Book Reviews.

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