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Dead Man Walking (The Ivyverse Book 1 ) by Dead Man Walking
Series: The Ivyverse #1
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Alt="dead man walking"Dead Man Walking (The Ivyverse Book 1 ) by Zach Adams

Dead Man Walking by Zach Adams

Twenty-three-year-old Isaac Falcone never expected for his life to turn out like this.

The library assistant awakes one day to find that everyone around him is acting very odd. Things seem completely different, somehow…but Isaac has no idea why.

Completely clueless, Isaac stumbles upon a page from a mysterious book in the library. However, little does he realize that this book is full of magic. And he also doesn’t realize that his life is about to change.

Shortly after finding this page, Isaac is attacked by a swarm of the undead, only to be saved by an enigmatic and eccentric stranger who calls himself an elf and wields unimaginable power. This stranger begins to appear whenever Isaac’s life is in danger…which happens to be quite often.

Suddenly, Isaac is thrust into a fearsome world of vampires, monsters, and gangsters. His life twists and turns in directions he never dreamed, with him eventually being framed for mass murder. But there is something sinister that lurks just beyond, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Will Isaac be able to navigate through the new problems in his life, all while trying to save reality as he know it? Or will he be overtaken by the evil that so desperately wants to catch him in its grasp? Find out in the epic mysterious fantasy novel, “Dead Man Walking”.

Author Zach Adams offers a brilliant and fast-paced story that will have

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The mystifying contents of a magical book summon horrifying creatures to earth in Zach Adam’s enchanting paranormal novel, Dead Man Walking. A fascinating, intriguing, original and often humorous epic urban fantasy story that captivates from start to finish.

Library assistant Isaac Falcone finds sheets of ancient pages written in foreign script. As he reads the pages, the letters begin to glow and transform into a lucid form. As soon as Isaac is done reading, he hears a shuffle. A zombie-looking humanoid appears as two more monsters appear behind him. As the hideous creatures run to attack him, Isaac is rescued by a smartly dressed elf.

The main characters’ arcs are ably handled in the book. Isaac’s tragic childhood is covered through flashbacks in which other main characters are introduced. Isaac’s lively and energetic best friend, Donny, appears in Isaac’s childhood and his current life. His sister is also involved in his current adventures. Imaginative descriptions of the extra-terrestrial and supernatural beings are offered, adding excitement to the scenes. The zombie-like creatures’ minds disintegrate with time as vampires take control of them. They have waxy faces and blood drips from their bodies. Other monsters in the story include a roaring spider-dragon and a half cat-half reptile being. Subtle humorous details balance the horror and excitement the monsters and action scenes elicit. Faced by terrifying attacks from powerful, spine-chilling monsters, Isaac makes a pitiable screech wishing he could make a frightening roar and gather enough courage to fight off his attackers. The story also pokes fun at his timidity in other instances. The novel skillfully develops the elves’ world through a separate storyline that runs alongside the main story. On occasion, L’æon, the elf that rescues Isaac, also recounts details about his world. The conflict in the story is also explained in stages throughout the story as Isaac discovers more about the imaginary world and the creatures he is fighting. The style avoids information dumping, providing explanations in digestible bits. The imaginary world is made more convincing by the inclusion of words from a unique language used by the elves. The unique words are not too many and do not impede comprehension of the story. The meanings of these words are also included at the end of the novel for reference.

Reality is shattered as unimaginable paranormal evil is unleashed in this brilliant epic urban fantasy novel. With shocking twists and turns, horrifying creatures, perfectly penned humorous descriptions, magnificent visual expressive narration, and chilling action scenes, Dead Man Walking by Zach Adams comes very highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. We anxiously anticipate and look forward to reading book 2 in the Ivyverse series.  

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