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The Argos Incident by David Kuntz
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This thrilling science fiction adventure plunges into space terrorism that pits planet against planet. Will this jeopardize the relationship between space colonies that have been solidifying over the years?
Personal gain is the driving force behind the person controlling the chaos. His goal is to break the long-standing trade relationship and by doing so weakening the planets and their leaders. He stops at nothing and forces the governments to conform to his wishes. The spread of misleading information, espionage, and mysterious assassinations are paving his path to his goals of destruction.
Spies and traitors disrupt the peacekeeping efforts and once trusted friends now become adversaries and terrorists become allies.
The freighter ship New Horizon on a commercial mission is not immune from the mayhem. The crew struggles not only with the issues at hand but their past and how the decisions they make now will affect their future.
Terrorists have infiltrated the New Horizon as well. The crew is faced with enemies both visible and invisible. Trust becomes a main focal point and betrayal is commonplace.
Take a space adventure ride on the New Horizon to find out who is causing the chaos and why!

 Artisan Book Reviews:

Argos Incident by David Kuntz is so much more than your typical sci-fi adventure story. This is a story full of political intrigue, conspiracies, personal vendettas, terrorist plots, and espionage that happens to take place in a futuristic setting. It’s a story about people who do terrible things for the “right” reasons and the stories behind what builds a person’s psyche. It’s about honor and self-sacrifice. In total, it’s a fascinating escapade that even folks who aren’t typically science fiction readers (like me) will get a total rush from.

 Argos and Kadar are sister planets held together by treaties that are essential yet vulnerable. Each planet survives through a delicate balance of natural resources and the products they import from other planets. The slightest hiccup in this balance can be disastrous for the planet and its colonies. This is the crux of the story – someone wants both planets to be off-balance and at war with one another. We meet seemingly indestructible mercenaries, who have their own agendas beyond the orders they’ve been given, managing to infiltrate the most secure areas to create chaos and make both planet’s societies susceptible to collapse.  Racing to uncover who is behind the vicious plot and what their next move will be are the governments from both planets and their agents, hoping they can head off catastrophe before it destroys everything. And in the middle, we have a cargo spaceship that has unwittingly become the weapon that will set the whole plot ablaze.

Even though there are a lot of characters to keep up with, the author has done a phenomenal job of developing them. You get to know each one of them, for better or worse, which adds depth to the story. The plot moves along at a good pace, and you recognize the challenges of living and working in space. This is definitely science fiction, so you get the science and technology end of things but it enhances the story just enough, rather than bogging the plot down with long descriptions and high-tech jargon. The settings are vividly described and integrated into the action of the plot – it’s easy to feel like you’re part of the action, sometimes to terrifying effect. The writing is fluid and takes you along for an explosive ride.

Argos Incident by David Kuntz keeps you hooked to the very end. The who, the how, and the why is like a roller coaster, blockbuster movie with a plot that keeps you engaged and guessing. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommend Argos Incident by David Kuntz, an electrifying, edge-of-your-seat thriller to anyone looking for an entertaining read. Five stars!

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