Sain’t Ramona: Life and Other Injuries by Ramona Vargas Castillo 

Sain't Ramona: Life and Other Injuries by Ramona Vargas Castillo
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Alt="saint ramona"Sain’t Ramona: Life and Other Injuries by Ramona Vargas Castillo 

One day, Ramona was a loved and cherished child. The next, she was abducted into an uncaring family.

Struggling to protect herself from a predator, Ramona plans her escape. But stifled by family tradition and with no support inside or outside the family, Ramona finds her plans thwarted at every turn.

Desperate for escape, she unwittingly finds herself battling mistreatment, manipulation, homelessness and danger. With two young children to protect, she urgently seeks a better life and a healthier connection with her indifferent family.

After decades of abuse, Ramona embarks on a spiritual and emotional journey to break free, discovering her voice and a path to worth and reinvention. After much turmoil, she finds the courage to embrace her life—and her estranged family—on her own terms.

An inspirational story about our power to transform our own lives.

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Sain’t Ramona: Life and Other Injuries by Ramona Vargas Castillo is a wonderful, uncomplaining memoir of a woman who experienced both abandonment and abuse and her journey out of it. Starting with a warm and authentic look at her ancestors, Ramona then unfolds her moving story with calm recollection.  The history is interesting, her life experience moving and the ending is powerful and inspiring.

This wonderful memoir has three parts to it.  The first is a look into Ramona’s family history which is fascinating and charming.  Her grandfather Cayo, born in 1904 did all he could, working tirelessly for his family.  In 1915, he walked his family out of Mexico, crossing the Rio Grande River and came to America.  Later he returns to Mexico.  He had several children, one of them being Trine – who is Ramona’s mother.  Trine’s life story is also interesting and reading how she worked so hard to make something for herself was quite inspiring.  The second part of the book is Ramona’s life to date.  Now, having once admired Trine and her efforts to make a life for her and her family, I now grew to find her a woman I would rather not meet.  For a reason known only to her, Trine takes an instant dislike to her daughter Ramona.  Ramona is then neglected, abandoned and even when brought back into the fold of the family years later, she is treated as an outcast.  Life was not to improve for Ramona for many years.  Marrying Horace becomes a complicated existence as he slowly turns to abuse.  However, the third aspect is the ending which is so uplifting and inspirational.  Here, Ramona reaches out to women who might be experiencing abuse and offers them insights into believing in themselves.  I found it very emotional.  Once I started this book I found it impossible to put down, I was totally gripped by this woman’s moving life story.

Ramona Vargas Castillo has written a very moving, fascinating and inspiring autobiography that covers neglect and abuse without focusing on the pain, presenting her life just as it was.   Her life story is engaging, compelling and extremely moving.  Sain’t Ramona: Life and Other Injuries by Ramona Vargas Castillo is a moving, engrossing and must read memoir and recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by TN Traynor for Artisan Book Reviews.

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