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Meatball's Snow Day by Jen Willett
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Alt="meatball's snow day"Meatball’s Snow Day by Jen Willett

Meatball has a big imagination and a big appetite. There is always an adventure to be found on the farm. He can make anything fun, including a snow day. Snowmen, pond hockey. So many fun things to do in the snow. Included is a recipe for one of his many favorite snacks.

Artisan Book Reviews:

 Meatball’s Snow Day by Jen Willett is a magical, heartfelt tale of an imaginative little mouse named Meatball and his quirky and comical friend, a bright yellow duck named Moe.

Meatball is a cute little mouse who wakes up to a beautiful snow day. Meatball is so excited to go outside to play with his friends that he can hardly wait! He dances around the house and begins to sing, “Snow day! Snow day!” His mother bakes him some delicious smelling cookies to take in his backpack for a snack later on! 

Meatball the mouse and his friend Moe, the duck, have the best time laughing, running and playing in the bright white snow! Making snow angels and building an army of snowmen with a giant castle made the fun and exciting day even better! What great imaginations these two friends have!

Meatball’s Snow Day is a cute story that shows how even opposites can be the best of friends. It is the type of book to give you the warm fuzzies inside your heart while you read about the amazing companionship between Meatball the mouse and Moe the duck! This delightful and adventurous book provides an excellent opportunity to teach children the significance and value of making a good friend that you can always count on to make life better. 

I read this wonderful book to my children and they loved every second of it! It was a perfect and gentle way to nurture and encourage my own little one’s wonderment and curiosity through a story that is whimsical and lighthearted! We enjoyed the character’s fun-loving personalities and the cute illustrations that matched each and every one of them! Meatball’s Snow Day by Jen Willett is a must read for children of any age!  Meatball’s Snow Day by Jen Willett comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.

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