The Archives of Biatre by Keri Dyck

The Archives of Biatre by Keri Dyck
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Alt="the archives of biatre"The Archives of Biatre by Keri Dyck

All Katira wanted was a change from her normal life in an orphanage. She signed up for a fully immersive acting class and unknowingly served poison to the visiting king and queen of Biatre. Her punishment: to serve her sentence in exile for a crime she didn’t intentionally commit. Derek, now King Derek, doesn’t know much about the servant girl at first. She’s hiding something, but it’s not the biggest of his worries. Someone is attacking his kingdom. Mason Blackwell moved from Canada to Biatre several years ago. He adopted three street children and trained them for a time such as this. Little do they all know what Vivian has planned for them…

Artisan’s Book Review:

Looking for something different to read this summer? The Archives of Biatre, a genre-spanning, edge-of-your-seat tale by Keri Dyck, will certainly fill the bill! Covering the gamut between adventure, intrigue, romance, historical and Christian fiction, this unique book is extraordinary and has something for everyone.

Katherine Schultz, an aspiring actress, signs up to participate in a show called Castles in Time, a docu-drama/reality TV show that takes place in the kingdoms of Taklin and Biatre. Katherine, known as Katira on the show, plays a servant girl in the palace of Taklin. She soon discovers that the show she thought was just a drama is, in fact, real, and she is framed for the murders of the monarchs of Biatre. In a twisted bid to keep her quiet, the dastardly Prince Adhemar of Taklin gifts Katira to Derek, the new King of Biatre, knowing that she will do everything she can to keep King Derek from knowing her unwitting part in his parent’s murders. As time passes, Katira adjusts to her new home and makes friends, all while knowing that it all could be taken from her in an instant. She knows that the hidden cameras see and hear everything, keeping her constantly on alert. However, things are ramping up behind the cameras, and soon Katira and King Derek will find themselves working together with a small band of rebels to save Biatre.

There is so much to love in this story. The plot is fast-paced and fascinating. Ms. Dyck weaves not only multiple plot lines together seamlessly but handles the melding of modern and historical settings without any awkwardness. The settings are well presented with incredible descriptive writing, and you feel as though you are there. The characters are very well-developed. I especially enjoyed watching Katira/Katherine come into her own, as she discovers her courage and self-worth throughout her trials and tribulations. The secondary characters add layers and richness to the story, and you find that you are invested in them, as well.

All in all, The Archives of Biatre is an extraordinary and fun read. Even people who don’t typically read Christian fiction will thoroughly enjoy the story.

I highly recommend The Archives of Biatre by Keri Dyck for any readers looking for something different that is memorable and touches on the best attributes of a good story – characters you care about, and a fresh plotline that carries you away and leaves you feeling satisfied that the time spent reading was well worth it! 

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