Dodgebomb: Outside the Wire in the Second Iraq War by Darin Pepple

Dodgebomb: Outside the Wire in the Second Iraq War by Darin Pepple
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Alt="dodgebomb"Dodgebomb: Outside the Wire in the Second Iraq War by Darin Pepple

A powerful, compelling account of modern military life that is vividly told and utterly gripping!

During the height of the Global War on Terrorism, Lieutenant Eddie Fitzgerald (Fitz) is sent straight from West Point to the front line in Iraq. He is immediately thrown into combat and has to quickly overcome his naivety to earn the trust of other soldiers. However, if hunting Al Qaeda isn’t enough he’s pulled into Arab tribal politics and army officer rivalries. As Fitz gets accustomed to living a spartan, foreign life-style his confidence grows and over time he becomes one with his unit. At first, he is detached from the brutal reality of the results of war, but there will come a time when he will have to question his idealism, allow dread to replace numbness, and face his emotions.

For those who seek realistic books on war that are impossible to put down, this is the book for you. It is compelling and entertaining as well as educational and honest. The author has a deft hand and a keen eye for detail, bringing understanding to 21st century combat.

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Artisan Book Review:

From the standpoint of an ordinary soldier comes an up close and personal account of what it’s really like being in the US Army while serving in Iraq.  Dodgebomb: Outside the Wire in the Second Iraq War by Darin Pepple is authentic, gripping and a fitting tribute to the Bushmaster Troop!

Eddie Fitzgerald leaves West Point for active duty in Iraq.  Despite all the training, he isn’t fully aware of what that means until he is in the thick of it.  What flows through these pages is an honest portrait of service in Iraq.  The author’s great story-telling ability means he has been able to put fantastic amounts of detail throughout the story, which allows the reader to be drawn in and to experience first-hand what life in the army is really like.  I was gripped from beginning to end.  The narrative is powerful, and for the most part unemotional.  It was only after I had finished reading that I realized how clever a writer Darin Pepple is.  Because I was lulled into a sense of ordinariness, devoid of blood and guts by clever descriptions I was unprepared for when the emotional dam bust.  Fitz is a great character, totally believable and likable.  He carries you through his tale with ease, inviting you to come and sit with them when they play cards or embark on a new detail.  Learn with him about army rivalries and Arab tribal politics, feel the heat and share a blueberry muffin or two.  Let dread fill your days and nights and ponder on the question… what is life worth over here?  You, like me, I’m sure, will be left in awe at the hard work, raw courage and resilience of these people.

Darin Pepple’s writing is honest and unvarnished, presenting us with an unforgettable and powerful tale, giving the reader insight into combat life.  His years in service are the stamp of authenticity that makes this a must-read story.  Impossible to put down, Dodgebomb: Outside the Wire in the Second Iraq War by Darin Pepple is an incredible military action novel which comes very highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. 

Buy Dodgebomb today, for an authentic, honest and unvarnished experience of being on the ground in Iraq.
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