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Mystery of the Khar Chuluu by Wilson Whitlow
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Chul Sun is on the run. With his lightning speed, he has stolen a small black stone called the khar chuluu. He doesn’t know what it does, he only knows that he must keep it from the man who sent him to steal it. Anita Aminou comes from a powerful magical family. Burning to prove herself, she runs away from home in hopes of unlocking a dark power she believes can save her family from destruction. Together, Anita and Chul will cross deserts, seas, and mountains in search of the secret of the khar chuluu. Its magic will lead to a place they least expect: Chul will learn the secret of his past and Anita the limits of her powers.

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 Onto the bookshelves of great children’s fantasy adventure, comes Mystery of the Khar Chuluu by Wilson Whitlow. A thrilling tale that’s sure to become one of the best all-time children’s favorites.

This story starts with a robbery and ends with a rescue, so we are told by the narrator – Djinn of all Deserts, that ageless and ‘troublesome by nature’ supernatural mercenary.  The reader, whether young or old, shuffles closer so as not to miss anything, they are already hooked with the mystery and adventure they know for sure is about to follow.  Indeed, the Djinn is about to tell us of a story as timeless as the Snow Queen, as magical as the Arabian Nights, and dare I say it… more thrilling than Harry Potter!  Enter two young rascals, Chul the Swift and Anita the Reckless.  The excitement begins immediately, with Chul coming upon a tiny cottage in the Two-Hearted Forest.  Inside, Anita is waiting to rescue him from Thorium Dare – the man who wants to destroy all old-science, who is hot on Chul’s heels.  And so begins our fast-paced escapade, for what was stolen must be returned, and those that were lost must be found.  Can you imagine wheeling your grandmother around in a plant pot?  Or flying on a magic carpet?  What about discovering the secrets held within the Khar Chuluu stone?  No?  Then come inside the delightful magical realm you will find within these pages, trust me… you won’t regret it! It’s an exciting imaginative story that is very well-written with a great pace, fun characters and is thoroughly enjoyable for all ages.

Wilson Whitlow has a delightful and totally engaging story-telling voice.  I could hear the story being narrated in my head, as well as visualizing all the characters and places.  This is an exciting adventure that children will love to listen to and adults will enjoy reading.   I was thoroughly captivated by this story. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. It would definitely make a great movie!  Mystery of the Khar Chuluu by Wilson Whitlow comes very highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.

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