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Spiritual Marketing by Fabio Porrino
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Spiritual Marketing: How to overcome the limits of strategic marketing with a mix of communication, meditation, ethics and magic.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are replacing human work, even in marketing, just as has happened in the past in other manufacturing sectors. Experts haven’t yet understood what is happening, and they continue to recommend the strategic marketing model. If marketing was an exact science then it may be reduced, with the scientific method, systemically and severely to observable and repeatable events which have precise and recognizable causes.

So from these events could be developed one or more algorithm, on the basis of which it would be possible to create an automatic software able to handle scientifically each marketing campaign. Soon humans, advisers, which work strategically and scientifically would be replaced by machines.

Thanks to the web’s giants today everyone can have access to the most advanced marketing technologies easily and at low prices. This is no longer sufficient, and makes no difference anymore.

What makes the difference today are: feelings, stories, experiences, meditation, emotions, irrationality, creativity, intuition… in one word the Magic!

Spiritual Marketing is a system that wants go beyond the limits of traditional and strategic marketing choosing ideas and concepts of spiritual origin instead of the strict and at this point ineffective present paradigm.

The author analyzes how some states of the soul with spiritual nature can lift up consultation and marketing strategy at an higher level, also because of techniques that derive from coaching and neuro-linguistic programming. He describes as an holistic approach, in concrete situations, can direct to an unpredictable and extraordinary solutions and intuitions.

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Spiritual Marketing by Fabio Porrino is a must-read for anyone looking to excel in their marketing field.  Looking for that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to elevate you above the competition?  Or maybe just searching for that something ‘more’ in your personal life?  Then you will find what you’re looking for in this marketing book with a difference!  

The book is summed up by this opening line, ‘how to overcome the limits of strategic marketing with a mix of communication, meditation, ethics and magic.’  Yep, it says magic.  What is magic but that thing that can’t be defined and doesn’t fall into normal diagnosis?  The study is broken down into three parts.  There is the opening, the definitions between spiritual and marketing, and how it is possible to have them working in harmony.  Then there is the middle, the step-by-step how to for successful marketing – from pitching to a client to the finished results.  The last part is personal; how Fabio got to where he is, the tools he uses to get the job done and case-histories to demonstrate his work-belief in action of actual jobs.  Fascinating read.  I felt truly uplifted by the time I reached the last page; this is definitely a book I will read again.  Fabio believes there is more to marketing than science and the numbers on a spreadsheet.  One of his steps to marketing pitches is meditation.  This is the creative step that sets him and his process apart from others.  Tried and tested he presents his formula for successful work and life ethics in this super encouraging manual.

Fabio Porrino knows what he’s talking about.  An expert at the top of his field, he has poured his findings into this book, to help others along their way.  If you want to find out what he believes helped him to win prestigious awards and work with renowned companies, then this is a must read, and you won’t be disappointed.  Super book! I loved the ending with some unexpected inspirational quotes which left me feeling so uplifted. Informative, practical, inspirational and educational Spiritual Marketing by Fabio Porrino comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by TN Traynor for Artisan Book Reviews.

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Fabio Porrino is an expert in marketing, he works since 2008 as a consultant in some important National and International companies. He reached important goals independently and on a behalf of customers. So far he managed advertising campaigns with budgets of several million euros. He received prestigious awards: in 2016 has been awarded by Google of one of the three rewards reserved to the best Italian advertising agencies (the only professional among the winners) at the Google Partner Inspiration & Networking Outdoor; in November same year he was invited at Google Partner Summit in San Francisco, California, invitation renewed in 2018 for the Google Marketing Live. Since 2015 he studied neuro-linguistic programming and coaching, following the path to become a professional coach.
He lives in a little town in the province of Caserta (Italy) with his wife and two children. Visit Fabio Porrino’ s website to learn more.


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