Blade Lord by S.J. Hartland – Book Review

Blade Lord by S.J. Hartland
Series: The Decallion Series Book #1
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Alt="blade lord"Blade Lord by S.J. Hartland – The Decallion Series 



Decallion is the only blade lord whose soul is not tethered to one of the rulers of the Circle Kingdoms. That makes him the most valuable warrior in the realm… it also makes him the most vulnerable.

When the Valour Corp escorting him to the temple for the tethering ceremony is ambushed, Decallion is abducted and sold in the lawless Guildlands—an act that will change the fate of kingdoms.

For in a land where women control the power of words, a single blade lord can turn the tide of battle.

And whoever controls Decallion’s soul can own the world.


Sinnabar is a temple fura; an assassin sent after men who unlawfully learn to read and write. To save Decallion, she’ll take down the Citadel of the Blade Lords, betray everyone and everything she believes in, and destroy the Circle Kingdoms.

But he has no idea who she is.


Across the abyss where the undying fire protects the Circle Kingdoms from the mysterious and corrupt Shadow Kingdom, an immortal tyrant is preparing for his return.

If Sinnabar kills the citadel master, no one will stand in Kayarax the Destroyer’s way.

For what can one temple fura, a young blade lord, and an outlaw with poisoned blood do against a sorcerer who cannot be killed.


You can own his skill and even his soul if you’re prepared to pay the price.

Artisan Book Reviews:

A sweeping saga full of thrilling action and adventure, set in beautifully imagined landscapes and populated with engaging characters, Blade Lord by S.J. Hartland is the first in her new Decallion series. Containing everything you look for when embarking on a journey into a new world, the author hooks you with compelling characters, immersing you in their struggles both as individuals and as compatriots in a larger story.

The story centers on Decallion, a gifted young warrior with a mysterious past. He has the ability to become the youngest and greatest blade lord the twelve Circle Kingdoms, the citadel, and the temple have ever known. But circumstances and doubt begin to erode his confidence in all he’s known, setting him at odds with powerful people who need him to maintain his balance, so they can stay in control. Sinnabar, a princess of Aindrea and Fura of the Temple of Mirr, she and Decallion were childhood sweethearts. When Decallion’s memories of her and their love were erased by cruel circumstances, she vows one day to restore their bond and destroy the man who caused it to disappear, even though it means betraying her family and everything she’s been taught to believe. Gedeon, a roguish mercenary with a mysterious past and powers, agrees to help Sinnabar in her quest. However, he has his own compelling reasons for agreeing to this dangerous plot. As the story unfolds, hellish situations and fiendish characters threaten not only the lives of all involved, but their long-held beliefs in who they are, changing them forever.

I absolutely love this story. S.J. Hartland has a tremendous sense of balance in everything, which isn’t easy to pull off, especially in fantasy. She provides you with a world that is both exotic, yet familiar and a plot that is fresh and exactly what you expect when reading an epic fantasy. My favorite is her characterizations. Her heroes are worth pulling for, but they all have flaws. Her villains are dastardly, but you often feel sympathy. She deftly interweaves the multiple plot lines, and never leaves you confused, gradually revealing more stunning details until the final scene that leaves you wanting to know more.

Blade Lord is an extraordinary book in every sense of the word. It has so many of the traits that you look for in a great story: friendship, treachery, revenge, redemption, honor, true love – the list goes on. A classic in the making and I can’t wait for the next installment! Blade Lord by S.J. Hartland is an incredible, original and fascinating story and comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.

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