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Hourglass by Daniel James
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Clyde Williams just wanted to draw comic books. Life and death have other plans.

Brooklyn-born artist Clyde Williams has spent his life obsessing over comic books and chasing his big dream to one day break into the industry as a hot new artist. But chasing the dream isn’t easy. It’s tiring, dispiriting work.

And that was before the ghost of his recently murdered best friend and roommate, Kev Carpenter, showed up at their apartment. Shocked and confused, the pair have been trying to establish some sense of their old status quo, of normality, but normality left town and isn’t coming back.

Instead, they get a knock at their front door. Rose Hadfield, agent of Hourglass, has some understanding of what it’s like to commune with the dead, living with the ghosts of her former military unit, and offers them the choice to educate themselves and train their abilities, or remain under Hourglass’ scrutiny in the name of public safety.

Clyde’s long-held distrust of all things military and federal, has him prepared to decline Rose’s offer. Kev, however, has other ideas. Being restless and detached from the world, he sees this as his only real option. A purpose. Wracked with sympathy for his best friend’s plight, Clyde accepts Rose’s offer on one condition: upon completion of his training, he will remain a civilian. A fair compromise.

Unbeknownst to Clyde and Kev, their acceptance of Rose’s offer has catapulted them on a collision course with an ex-KGB officer turned necromantic monk, and the ancient, wealthy, and morally dubious Cairnwood Society. Clyde and Kev will soon learn that death is only the beginning.

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Hourglass by Daniel James is a paranormal thriller for people who enjoy depth and substance.  Bursting with supernatural beings and a unique plot this will be a huge hit with fans of comics and superheroes.

Running in parable to each other are the lives of Konstantin Kozlov (a Russian KGB agent turned monk) and two American young men called Clyde and Kev.  Clyde is a wanna-be comic-book artist and Kev is his best friend, who by the way is dead!  Konstantin’s story is fabulously mystical and his opening scene is spectacular.  He is ruthless and devout and set on a course that he won’t turn from.  Clyde and Kev are trying to get to grips with the fact that Kev is a ghost.  Kev feels like he is hanging around and can’t fathom that this is all there is to the afterlife.  Clyde just wants to draw but will do anything to support his friend.  When the two of them are recruited by Hourglass, their life and death will never be the same again.  Touching on money versus morals and traditional beliefs of where we go when we die this book gives us lots to think about.  In this great world-building book we are introduced to Erebus, a place that holds the dead.  Hourglass tries to keep people living in the light of life for as long as possible before they enter the long night.  While the Cainwood Society does all they can to harness the dead for their own purpose.  Magical, intriguing and with a tremendous ending, this really is a paranormal thriller worth reading.

Daniel James has taken the time to flesh-out both his characters and settings enriching the reader’s visual journey.  With a clever plot, and fabulous and quirky everyman-heroes, this is a great dark-paranormal adventure.  Hourglass by Daniel James is a superb fantasy that will not disappoint, and comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by T N Traynor for Artisan Book Reviews.

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