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 Oh Daddy Chronicles by Barry Robbins
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Oh Daddy Chronicles by Barry Robbins

 No one and no thing is safe in the Oh Daddy Chronicles – a political satire taking dead aim at the 45th President of the United States – a guy named Trump. It’s structured as largely independent skit-like episodes, each one taking on a different target. One reviewer described it as: “This is Saturday Night Live, in written form, on steroids.” Who am I to argue?

The episodes generally take actual events we’re familiar with, toss in a healthy dose of comic imagination, and put everything in a blender. What emerges is anyone’s guess, but it’s usually pretty funny. The “Chronicles” answers questions such as why the President was so into hydroxychloroquine and how his cognitive impairment exam actually went.

Helping to carry the burden of irreverence is a motley assortment of lovable supporting characters – Squishie the FedEx deliveryman, the fortune cookie master Wang So Fun, the tomato sauce expert Giuseppe Sauceatoni and, of course, Melania’s dear Uncle Slobodan, the pig farmer from Zagorje ob Savi.

 Book review:

If you are looking for a great political satire that comes across as Dave Barry meets Douglas Adams, have I got a book for you! Oh Daddy Chronicles by Barry Robbins is a tongue-in-cheek, fictional look at life behind the scenes in the Trump White House since the beginning of the pandemic. It’s a highly entertaining record of what’s been happening in the government, society and the world-at-large since COVID-19 began.

Nothing is off limits in this creative book and readers are privy to fabricated conversations between President Trump and his family members, cabinet members, office staff, and international leaders. You also get a creative take on political rallies and press briefings, with notations about the actual questions asked by the reporters in attendance. Mr. Robbins has taken some of the more unusual situations, such as President Trump’s walk across the street from the White House to pose in front of St. John’s church, and given them hilarious new explanations. Throw in zany descriptions about things such as “The Greenland Affair”, an inside look at birthday celebrations and a diabolical plot involving black beans, and you’ve got some side-splitting reading.

One of the things that make this book so enjoyable is the underlying commentary of the current political climate and the snippets of factual information that have been included for context. It’s very smart humor, leavened with the ridiculous. For example, fans of classic comedy will especially enjoy the chapter entitled “The Perfect Call”, which pays homage to the famous Abbott and Costello skit, “Who’s on First?” The author has cleverly appropriated as many people and circumstances as possible, given them a good shake and laid them out for us to laugh out loud about. Given the current challenges, being able to laugh is no bad thing and much needed.

Author, Barry Robbins allows you to take a welcome step back from your day-to-day troubles and gives you an opportunity to put it all in perspective. A sharp, insightful, well-written and funny read, Oh Daddy Chronicles by Barry Robbins comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews for those who prefer a less serious take on politics! Book review by D.L. Smith for Artisan Book Reviews.

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