In Search of the Body & Soul Connection by Duke Saganich

In Search of the Body & Soul Connection by Duke Saganich
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In Search of the Body & Soul Connection by Duke Saganich

In Search of the Body & Soul Connection – My Interpretation & Understanding of the Link

This book is a thought provoking analysis for all of the spiritual seekers looking for answers. It’s for those who are open to all the possibilities of what could be. It’s about the mysteries and wonders of why we are here.

The author’s studies and research into spirituality and religion have led him to find common ground between them. The premise of this book is based on his interpretation and understanding of the three main aspects of spirituality; the “Body”, the “Soul” and the “Link” which connects them.

Part One “The Body”: Explains the basic understanding of how the physical body works in conjunction with thoughts, emotions and the decision making process. He believes the first steps to a healthy and balanced lifestyle is to listen to your intuition, stop and take a breath before reacting, and understanding the life force and how it can be utilized in your daily life.

Part Two “The Soul”: How understanding the different aspect of your soul, which includes your inner self, is the foundation for your spiritual path. This will develop a spiritual awareness which in turn will give you the tools and opportunities to make decisions in your life with purpose.

Part Three “The Link”: By understanding and utilizing the many ways your body and soul communicate is the core to spiritual growth. Listening to your intuition, being self-aware, living in the present moment and making conscious choices with loving intent, is the path to health and balance. Throughout these chapters, the author provides simple techniques and exercises that can be used in your daily life to help you connect and keep you on your spiritual quest.

The author will be donating 50 percent of his royalties to various charities that are in need.

Book review:

In Search of the Body & Soul Connection is a road map to help people find their own way towards self-awareness.  Very respectful to all ways of thinking and believing, Duke Saganich offers us his thoughts to enlightenment and mindfulness and how nature and spirit work together to focus our consciousness.  An original and thought-provoking read.

I feel like this has been written with the sole aim of helping people live a richer life, and is aimed especially for those seeking the unknown and spiritual understanding.  Care has been taken to cover all aspects of thought processes and beliefs.  Even though the author now lives his life in the way of mindfulness this is never pushed as the only way to seek truth.  Duke Saganich has done extensive research and has poured his findings into this book in a simple yet pragmatic way, so that it is easy to follow and written in layman’s terminology.  I found the pictures at the start of each chapter enhanced the text and reflected the care that has gone into presenting this book.  I especially loved the picture in the chapter on artistic expression.  The basic steps to help you start your journey into meditation and mindfulness are wonderfully simple to follow.  I can recommend this guide wholeheartedly.  I was only on page 35 when I had to stop and started questioning various things that have happened to me and my loved ones.  Educational, thought-provoking and enlightening, this really is a consciousness’ guide, to help equip you to live a life you are in control of.

This beautifully presented self-help guide is a treasure chest of ideas to help you along your journey in understanding consciousness, and how body, mind and soul work together.  It has been thoughtfully and respectfully compiled and presented.  If you are looking for a book that will make you think, stretch your beliefs and enrich your existence, then you’ve stumbled across the book for you!  In Search of the Body & Soul Connection by Duke Saganich comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by T N Traynor for Artisan Book Reviews,

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