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by Erasmo Acosta
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The colonization of Mars resulted in a catastrophic failure.

With an ever increasing population and the question of global changes, one man stumbles across something that could be the salvation of the human race.

Could this, in fact, be the key to the exploding future of mankind?

Scorned by the reality of corporate indifference, Federico never imagined he would dream again. Yet when a new opportunity is offered to him, he soon finds himself a leading figure on the Space Initiative, a small group of adventurers, set on realizing the full potential of mankind and allowing humanity to tap into unlimited resources and stretch across the universe.

As expansion reaches further and further into the final frontier, millions evacuate Earth for life in a utopia absent of inequality, exploitation, and cruelty. When new factions arise, the burning question is whether or not Earth will even survive.

When tensions get out of control and billions are put at risk, the fate of both Earth and humanity will be decided.

Book review:

K3+ by Erasmo Acosta is an astronomical colonization science fiction of epic proportions.  Spanning over a billion years, this is impressive world-building, the likes of which I’ve never seen before.  This journey into the future is both totally fascinating and absorbing.

Erasmo Acosta has obviously studied rotating habitats and done extensive research into colonizing space, which gives this book great depth and believability.  The images done by Katie Lane help bring the concepts of the story to life and really enhanced the book.

From one spark a fire can start, and from one idea a whole new world may be created.  When a growing civilization has depleted its planetary resources they must look to expand into the infinite possibilities of space.  I thought that, starting the story with Fedrix approaching his billionth birthday, and then dropping back to his life on Earth to when he was born in 1966, was a touch of genius.  I was fascinated with his walk through history, and the role he played in colonizing space.  I found the whole book to be original and thought-provoking.  I loved the idea of designer pets that hold affection for their humans, and that aging was considered a disease.  Wasn’t so keen on the thought-sharing world!  Intriguing that someone at seventy would still be considered a ‘youngster’ who hadn’t started work yet, as they figure out their calling.  Great detail has gone into explaining how these things might be possible, so much so that you could almost believe you were reading someone’s memoirs opposed to a SCI-FI story!

Obviously stemming from extensive research and deep contemplation, K3+ has evolved into the building of a futuristic world which has been written with huge attention to detail.  Although, covering quantum technology, this has been written for all to understand and enjoy.  People who love science fiction and those who wonder what the future might hold will enjoy this creative, imaginative piece of work.  There is no ‘the-sky’s-the-limit’ in Erasmo Acosta’s mind, he has taken the lid off that saying, and presented us with the Universe!  K3+ by Erasmo Acosta comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by T N Traynor for Artisan Book Reviews.

Buy “K3+ by Erasmo Acosta” today and enjoy a fascinating escape into a world of impossible possibilities!!
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