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by Michael Conklin
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Alt="malice of the devil"Malice of the Devil by Michael Conklin

“A small intercept icon snapped on,” begins a story of a conflict between science and religion, power struggles within the US government, and among medieval rivals in church history. This novel takes readers to a time in the not too distant future when the first cryonically frozen man who died 50 years before is resurrected and begins to recount a story of the afterlife he experienced while ‘dead’, and scientists, religious leaders, and political groups clash over who controls life… and death. Their struggle escalates to the national level, as elements of the FBI, CIA, NSA and military are drawn into the conflict. A fast paced science fiction, political action thriller, ‘Malice of the Devil’ is a compelling futuristic, sometimes mythical tale of suspense and intrigue. A story of love, betrayal, loyalty and hate that draws intriguing parallels to intrigues occurring nearly 700 years ago, as well as to events occurring today; clues that foreshadow what is about to take place.

Book review:

In Michael Conklin’s fascinating science fiction, political thriller and suspense novel, Malice of the Devil, a fierce conflict between religious and scientific groups follows after scientists bring a dead man back to life. This is an intriguing, exciting and utterly imaginative story.

In 1990, Maxwell Porter loses his life in a catastrophic accident. His body is frozen and fifty-six years later, in 2046, scientists revive him. Dr. Thomas “Tom” Keinnig and Dr. Nancy Woodall, however, are only vaguely aware of the storm their successful attempt at resurrecting the man will cause. Some in the religious community feel threatened by the breakthrough which they link to biblical prophecy. Powerful governmental agencies get involved adding to the already intense conflict. Meanwhile, Porter struggles to acclimatize to living a second time. His terrifying dreams offer a glimpse into another alternative reality world that scientists cannot explain. The electrifying turmoil continues to grow as a historical feud plays out, one no one could have imagined still existed.

Malice of the Devil is characterized by several conflicts involving influential groups. The power each group holds makes the rivalry even more intriguing. Tom, as one of the main characters, is determined to see his project through despite the rising opposition. His personal side is also explored painting him as a realistic character. Other great supporting characters play important roles. They are witty, sometimes vulnerable, and also determined. The novel is based on current emerging ethical dilemmas in science and technology which makes the storyline conceivable. The excellent concept also acts as a foundation for the novel and holds together different conflicts within the plot. Porter’s resurrection raises different questions and his supernatural dreams introduce another interesting and intriguing perspective to the story. The novel’s ending is surprising and many suspenseful incidences occur before the powerful conclusion.

A novel about conflict, fear, death, and betrayal, Malice of the Devil combines historical, religious, and scientific elements to create a mesmerizing read.  Artisan Book Reviews is proud to recommend Malice of the Devil by Michael Conklin, a fascinating story with an impressive descriptive writing style and incredible characters. 5 big stars!!!

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Malice of the Devil by Michael Conklin
on January 11, 2019
Alternate Reality FictionCrime NoirPolitical Thriller & SuspenseScience Fiction
Pages: 317
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