Road To Emmaus: The Real Deal by Sean William Carlson

by Sean William Carlson
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Alt="road to emmaus"Road To Emmaus: The New Deal by Sean William Carlson

What if the true story of yourself placed you in the cross-hairs of a colliding ancient and modern world?

Do you have the strength to wade into epic battles, face the darkest hours of humanity and see to the other side? If so, you need to read this book!


Road To Emmaus: The New Deal by Sean William Carlson is a superbly crafted fictional tale that is remarkably created around real events. I was completely caught up and captivated from the onset of this exceptional story. Carlson is an extraordinary writer whose ability to create a well-written story will keep his readers transfixed on every page. And, there are so many ingenious twists and turns in this novel – I simply couldn’t put it down.

The story covers over 2,000 years of interesting history and delves deep into the politics of the time. Each character we meet along this incredible journey is so realistic the reader will find themselves becoming very familiar with each one of them making it feel as if they have known them the entire time. The historical facts, places and events will be easy to recognize and how the author flawlessly portrays them is pleasantly unique.

Author Sean William Carlson uses expressive dialogue to paint a clear picture for his readers, drawing them in with every turn of the page. Writing conversations that sound real is not easy, but Carlson does it with such ease causing the reader to feel like they are listening to thought-provoking and real people discussing their day.

Another amazing aspect in this book is the element of adventure. I was fully captivated while being taken through the fascinating passages of time that stretches around the entire globe. We see mankind at its darkest times when evil reigned and then we are enlightened and inspired by the good that comes from determination and courage. Sean William Carlson is a brilliant, imaginative and clever writer helping us to realize that history, no matter how distant, is linked and that it affects us all in some way.

Road To Emmaus is an extraordinary historical fiction that will surprise and enthrall you. It is the type of book you’ll want to recommend to your friends and family, but never want to loan out should it never be returned! I will be reading this one again! Do yourself a favor and grab a copy today. You won’t be disappointed. Road To Emmaus: The Real Deal by Sean William Carlson comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by Susan Day for Artisan Book Reviews.

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