Amidst Alien Stars: Milijun Book 2 by Clayton Graham – Book Review

Amidst Alien Stars: Milijun Book 2 by Clayton Graham
Series: Milijun
on December 1, 2019
Genres: Alien Fiction, Hard Science Fiction, Science Fiction
Pages: 476
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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Amidst Alien Stars: Milijun Book 2 by Clayton Graham

Mysterious and chilling events on an alien world threaten the interstellar survival of the human race…

They have awoken surrounded by alien stars.

Following their abduction from Earth, Laura Sinclair and son, Jason, lead a group of desperate humans in a bid to forge their own future and that of their home planet.

To succeed, they must solve the puzzle of extraterrestrial races in the throes of a perplexing and historic conflict.

But they are in a strange new universe; on a bizarre and dangerous planet. Who can they really trust as they struggle to understand the challenging and hostile environment that holds them in a grip of iron? And what do the aliens really plan for them and their hybrid children?

“There is world building of such depth and lush detail that you could almost feel it.” Kay Mack TOP 1000 REVIEWER

“Not only is this an exciting, action-packed paged turner – I love the intelligence reflected, the witty dialogue, and the genuine depth in the characters’ emotions.” Meenaz Lodhi

“Admirable world-building and the unsurpassable, indefatigable, drive of the human Spirit to not just survive, but to thrive, power this engrossing sequel to the author’s debut science fiction novel, MILIJUN.” Mallory A Haws

Amidst Alien Stars is the second book in the Milijun series, but can also be enjoyed as a standalone. 

Book review:

Amidst Alien Stars: Milijun Book 2 by Clayton Graham is a captivating, engaging story whisking the reader to another world where aliens have abducted a group of humans. Laura Sinclair and her son Jason, together with others abducted from Earth, are being kept prisoner on an alien space station. The purpose of their detention is unclear, although hybrid children are being created with Jason’s DNA, children who are not ‘born’ until the Earth age of eighteen, although their gestation is much quicker. Jason appears to be of special significance to the aliens, the Gliezans, and they have named him First Seen. There is lots of intrigue, action, conflict and subterfuge in this energetic book that follows on from the first book, Milijun, and although the first book no doubt sets out the history to the current story, it works as a standalone with enough explanations to provide a smooth transition. Jason clearly has a destiny and we follow his journey in this fascinating tale.

The author, Clayton Graham, has a real skill in developing characters from the abducted humans to the taciturn various alien beings, to even hinting at character traits in the robotic RNasias. The descriptive writing is excellent, truly painting a picture of this other world and its strange inhabitants in the reader’s mind and transporting them to a realm where anything could happen and probably will. Clayton Graham has woven such an intriguing story with such believable characters that he must have an incredible imagination. There is such real depth to the story that one could imagine looking out on a clear night and seeing the glint of the space station amongst the stars.

I must admit I would not normally read this genre, but Clayton Graham has reeled me in with his other-worldly creation, causing me to say unreservedly that lovers of science fiction/fantasy will relish this one, and if they have not already done so, have them racing to read Book one also. Be prepared to leave the world as you know it behind and enter another where an alien could become your best friend or your worst enemy. Amidst Alien Stars: Milijun Book 2 by Clayton Graham is highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews – 5 Big Stars! ~Book review by Jane Finch for Artisan Book Reviews~

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