Metrofloat New York by William Quincy Belle – Book Review

Metrofloat New York by William Quincy Belle
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Metrofloat New York by William Quincy Belle

A Post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi thriller.
Several hundred years in the future, Earth is a different planet. Antigravity has been invented and “flying” has given way to “floating”: giant platforms with cities remain above the growing surface temperatures as enclaves of the privileged. A global pandemic has wiped out 80% of those on the ground, and a virulent, flesh-eating disease, necrofasc, has left most with artificial body parts. Insects are the main food staple. A utopia for some, a dystopia for others.

Metrofloat New York, a futuristic city of thirty million, is run by an oligarchy of five rich and powerful people. An unknown assassin, working from within the system, attempts to seize control and declare himself dictator by methodically removing all rivals. Detective Matthew Heart of the Metropolitan Police must deal with his partner, a cyborg policewoman, his unofficial family, a transgender woman and her one-legged daughter, and a mysterious assailant bent on taking over the world by killing anyone who stands in his way.

Book review:

This is the second book I have read by this author, and I’m hooked! Metrofloat New York by William Quincy Belle is an incredible science fiction thriller that will keep you transfixed page after page. Set in the future, we are tossed into a world where there are murders, violence, love and capitalistic greed, oh, and bugs… for dinner.

We meet the main character, Matthew Heart, as he wakes up from an “interesting” night in the gutter of an alley. We follow the story through his experiences and soon learn to really like this rough and tumble kind of guy. An ex-cop whose career is now one of private detective, Heart prefers to live away from the floating, powerful city and instead, mixes with the lower classes of shopkeepers and farmers in the settlements. To discover who is killing off the city’s elite, he is paired with a city detective, Sergeant Elizabeth Stanton. She is a powerful figure and a synth who asserts her authority and who Heart immediately falls for, literally, over a bump in the concrete floor.

Before the story begins, a pandemic has wiped out all warm-blooded creatures. This has resulted in a world where those who were inflicted have artificial limbs, faces and other “interesting” body parts. Those who hung on against the odds have been transformed into synths – humans with the bodies of robots. Belle relates the aftereffects of this disaster convincingly as if the reader was watching a realistic news report.

But who said in a future dystopia world where crickets are the main fare and cities float there wouldn’t be romance? William Quincy Belle is adept at creating the type of sexual tension Mills and Boon writers envy. Heart and Stanton work well together and the romantic in me was thrilled as the pair grew closer and closer.

Although set in the future, author William Quincy Belle draws our attention to relevant issues that we may have to face sooner rather than later if we don’t pay more attention to how we treat the planet and each other. Having said that, it is important to note that Belle doesn’t let these problems overrun the story. Sure, the end of the world as we know it is important, but Belle doesn’t let that fact interfere with what is ostensibly a well-written and exciting crime drama. Artisan Book Reviews recommends every reader to do yourself a favor and grab a copy of Metrofloat New York by William Quincy Belle today. Book reviewed by Susan Day for Artisan Book Reviews.

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