The Off-Beat Cinder Ella by Anne Murray

The Off-Beat Cinder Ella: who wants her shoe back...without the Prince (upside-down fairy tales) by Anne Murray
Series: Upside-Down Fairy Tales
on December 4, 2019
Genres: Children's Fiction, Fairy Tales, Fiction for Girls, Kids-Lit, Self-Esteem
Pages: 36
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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Book Review

The Off-Beat Cinder Ella: who wants her shoe back…without the Prince (upside-down fairy tales) by Anne Murray” 

I’m not sure what your Cinderella looks like, but THIS Cinder Ella wears camo pants, flannel shirts and dragon’s tooth earrings. She climbs trees straight to the top, rides horses without a saddle and shoots arrows with abandon–and not much skill. Toiling all day to do her stepmother’s bidding, she doesn’t have much of a life except for the occasional shenanigans that she can devise. No one notices Cinder Ella. She shuffles around, trying to blend into the background. Would her life ever get better? Or would she always be smudged with cinders and eating the leftovers? Wasn’t there any magic for her?

Book Review:

The Off-Beat Cinder Ella by Anne Murray is an entertaining, quirky and totally original re-telling of the Cinderella story. However, this Cinder Ella story is very clever and different with a unique powerful message and unexpected brilliant twist.

Modern day Cinder Ella is fun, down to earth and independent. She rides horses bareback, shoots arrows and climbs trees. She wears colorful camo pants and funky earrings. Her bright fiery red hair fits her fiery personality perfectly. But, Cinder Ella is down on her luck, working for her stepmother and serving her stepsisters all day long. When Midsummer’s Night arrives, the high school Prom King decides to throw a huge party. Cinder Ella has nothing to wear to the party and no money to buy anything either. But, when her arthritic eccentric fairy god mother arrives, she sets Cinder Ella up in an outfit that fits her own unique style. She then sends her off to the party in a trendy car. Of course everyone at the party is enthralled with this cool young woman who has just arrived at the party, including the Prom King himself – and someone else. Find out what happens next in this incredible one-of-a- kind exciting story.

Author Anne Murray’s unique writing style and creative storytelling ability brings new life to a story that has been loved and read over the years. With her clever use of language, fun narration and incredible idea for empowering girls to be themselves, she has written a special story that will entertain, intrigue and bring laughter and enjoyment to the reading experience for all girls ages 7 -12. The illustrations are amazing, artistic and as unique as the story itself. The use of color is eye-catching and very different – so striking! The Off-Beat Cinder Ella is a literary and artistic little masterpiece. I read it to my children and they loved it! My girls are 6, 8 and 13 and they all were so enthralled by this Cinder Ella because she is active, fun and silly – and she doesn’t follow the crowd.

This story is very inspiring for girls which encourages them to be themselves, make their own positive choices according to their own likes and dislikes, and to be independent. Anne Murray is a wonderful writer and exciting storyteller who definitely thinks outside the box. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends The Off-Beat Cinder Ella: who wants her shoe back…without the Prince (upside-down fairy tales) by Anne Murray to all girls for an adventurous, entertaining and self-empowering tale. ~Book review by Giada Rose for Artisan Book Reviews~
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