Heaven’s Open Book by Sheldon Peart – Book Review

Heaven’s Open Book by Sheldon Peart
Genres: Christian Fiction, Christian Living, Eschatology, Inspirational
Pages: 188
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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Heaven’s Open Book by Sheldon Peart

Welcome to a peek into the lives of some devout Christians. Meet Clifford and Sandra Campbell, happily married for ten years, until Sandra ‘gives her heart to Jesus,’ and her body becomes the ‘temple of the living God.’Listen to the charismatic Pastor Gerald Panton, as he electrifies his congregation, and wrestles with his educated and outspoken wife, Catherine. The charming Timothy and Beatrice Henriquez, will impress you with their dogged determination, simplicity and piety. And you may like, or even dislike the uncompromising Deacon Barrington Duncan and his sophisticated wife, Cindy. But, Hector and Jasmine Blackstock, will serve you a treat you’ll never forget.When deep spiritual thoughts heighten Clifford Campbell’s search for the path to heaven, he is raptured in a startling vision. But Clifford’s wife, Sandra, and some Christian stalwarts from Earth, are missing from the heavenly throng. What will Heaven’s Open Book divulge?The revelations are instantaneous, detailed, and shocking. But when the smoke clears, Heaven’s Open Book, is a blessing in disguise.


Heaven’s Open Book caused me to reflect on my lifestyle.  It is inspirational and illuminating, shining a light on those things we don’t really want to look too closely at.  Sheldon Peart has drawn together a thought-provoking, soul-searching Christian fiction impacting the lives of all peoples, especially those who have perfected a double lifestyle, hiding their true self from everyone except God.

Although, you could categorize this book as a challenging sermon, it has been laid out in story fashion with a gentle, loving tone, making it easy to read.  Five sets of people are laid before us, each with their unique problems in life.  Some of them are Christians, some are not, but all portray to the reader what they want us to see.  As in life, people are adept at reflecting what they think people should know about them, hiding their inner-self from everyone… except God.  The images that Peart portrays through his characters are filled with wisdom and authenticity.

This novel is punchy, and gets straight to the heart of things, which is the essence of a being a believer whose name may appear in the Book of Life.  Will we reach Heaven?  Are our names in the Book of Life?  Are we self-righteous or harboring darkness in our souls?  Are we even aware that we are sinning?  I thoroughly appreciate the message in this book, and I especially loved the ending, it warmed my heart and filled me with encouragement.

Whether you read this as a story, a teaching aid or an inspirational sermon, this book will surely impact your life, as it has mine.  Sin, in all its forms, is put under the spot-light by this moral inspired work.  Heaven’s Open Book by Sheldon Peart comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by T N Traynor for Artisan Book Reviews.

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