The Killer Angel by Myles Stafford – Book Review

The Killer Angel (The Recollections of a Legend) by Myles Stafford
on August 6, 2019
Genres: Action, Dystopian, Suspenseful & Thrilling
Pages: 465
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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THE KILLER ANGEL: A massive, thrilling, first-person adventure into the end of civilization. It’s her story – in her own words – of how she became a legendary part of history. Survival. That was the gift of Nicki Redstone. In a darkness that seemed permanent, she was a burning flame of courage, bringing light when there was none.


Zombie apocalypse (without descriptive blood and gore) with a bad-ass heroine and her trusty companions, handsome-hippy and faithful dog, are the premise upon which this dystopian action thriller is built.  The Killer Angel although a stand-alone, is also the forth in a series.  Myles Stafford has put together a unique story which reflects back on the years following the outbreak of a virus that changed the world.  This is a fast-moving, action-packed thriller you won’t want to miss.

Harbinger of death demon or guardian angel?  Monster or savior? Survivors would always disagree on who she was.  She wanted to be a wife and mother and live in peace, but so long as evil thrived she would not relent, she did not choose this life, but she was Nicki Redstone, the person behind the legend.

The dynamics between Nicki, her side-kick Brick, and trusted German Shepard Ben is great, and this is certainly a character driven book.  A surprising outcome of the infection is that survivors heal quicker and live longer, (things needed to ensure the human race continues) but no one as much as Nicki though.  For some reason the effects on her biological make-up was dramatic, giving her unnatural strength, stamina and determination, tools which she turns against both ‘Runners’ (zombies like creatures) and the villainous humans who torment the weak.

The format for this tale is a gathering together of information, historical records and memoirs written by people who came into contact with Nicki Redstone during the years just after the outbreak.  Started by his father, and continued with Nicki’s blessing and input, Myles Andrew Stafford pieces together this collection, so that we can have a clear understanding on who this killing angel really was. With remarkable characters, an amazing descriptive writing style and an imaginative well-conceived plot, I couldn’t put this book down until the very last page was read.

Cleverly written, easy to read and exciting!  The Killer Angel (The Recollections of a Legend) by Myles Stafford is a gripping which book comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. ~ Book reviewed by T N Traynor for Artisan Book Reviews

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